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Grid-connected solar power systems

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Residential on-grid solar power systems

Solar photovoltaic system - an engineering object designed to generate electricity by direct conversion of solar energy. On-grid photovoltaic power systems are used where there is grid. Rentechno will help you to find right and the most efficient solutions based on technologies of solar energy.

Usually PV system consists of solar modules and an inverter that converts the direct current produced by the solar modules into alternating current. The advantages of photovoltaic systems use is that their effectiveness, quiet operation, no need for complex maintenance and it is environmentally friendly.

Rentechno offers installation of any kind of PV systems with the required specifications, based on specific client problems. To improve the reliability of power supply, we can design and install also a hybrid system with a combination of different energy sources (grid, photovoltaic modules, wind turbines, power generators). The specific implementation of the system is determined by the needs of the customer.

An important advantage of the private PV power systems is the fact that solar energy is environment friendly. Using alternative energy sources, you invest in preserving the purity of the world and contribute to its preservation for future generations.


"Green" tariff for residential solar systems

Rentechno can help you on each stage of project implementation including legal and technical support at feed-in tariff obtaining.

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