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Backup solar power systems

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Backup solar photovoltaic systems for a reliable power supply

The main business of Rentechno company is development, building and maintenance of industrial solar power-stations. We start a project from scratch and maintain it up to beginning of operation and maintenance phase and receipt of green tariff. Solar power-station is an ecologically clean and economically profitable object, used for generation of electric energy due to conversion of solar radiation energy. Such objects are widely used not only in business or industry but also in private sector. Home photo-electric systems are not network-type only, but could also be backup and autonomous.

Backup photo-electric systems

High degree of reliability in power supply, that is especially important for rural consumers, could be obtained in a few ways:

  • Increase of reliability of all elements in electric networks and their teleautomation.
  • Backuping of power supply lines, for example, power feeding of transformer substation from few lines at once. However, at high wind, thunderstorm, ice-storm or wires icing the probability is still high that main and backup power feeding lines can be simultaneously damaged. However, not always there is a possibility to provide main and backup power supply together, especially in cases of objects located far from settlements.

Use of backup solar power-stations together with systems of electric power accumulation and storage allows to completely avoid interruptions in electric power supply, caused by regular or emergency disconnections of general electric network. The necessity to install backup solar power-stations is justified, when possible damage, caused by disconnecting from general electric system, is more than or equal to expenses on electric power, that would be generated by backup photoelectric stations.

Backup solar power-stations start to function in case of electric power supply interruptions from centralized electricity supply system. As many observations show, even at most unfavorable conditions, total interruptions in electric power supply even in remotest rural districts consist no more than 150-200 hours annually. In real life, taking into account features of technological processes of farming, interruptions are considerably less, so power capacity of a backup photoelectric station together with accumulator battery will be enough to compensate electric power shortages. In addition, projects of a backup solar power-station can provide possibilities of its use for coverage of peak electric power necessities.


Solar battery hybrid electric power supply systems

Hybrid solar power-stations are combined backup systems of power supply, where other sources can be used for providing electric power (in addition to solar batteries): centralized electric system, wind generators, petrol-based or diesel-based electrical generators.



Hybrid solar power-station combines features of both autonomous and network solar power-station types. When solar illumination conditions are good and power load is selected properly, a solar power-station provides full electric power supply for corresponding object, also charging accumulator battery at the same time. When accumulators are completely charged, electric power surpluses can be sold into general electric grid on green tariff. Hybrid solar power-station in a private house during day-time, when solar illumination is good and energy consumption is small, will work virtually in network solar power-station mode. If power generation decreases (evening hours, cloudy day), then power shortages are compensated by accumulator battery capacities, and after full discharge of the latter electricity is consumed from general grid or another source.

Advantages of hybrid solar power-station are following:

  • Minimization of electric power consumption from the general electric system, resulting in considerable reduction of costs for consumed electric power.
  • Power supply of an object at rolling blackouts, brief and emergency disconnections of electric power.
  • Sale of generated solar electric power into general grid on economically profitable green tariff.
  • Compensation of electric power shortages due to connection of other power sources.

Hybrid solar power-stations, built with equipment from Rentechno company, stands for operational stability of electrical system of a household plus reduction of bills for electric power, consumed from centralized grid.  


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