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Middle-size PV power plants

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Commercial solar power plants up to 500 kW

At our company you can order the equipment not only for large industrial objects or home solar power-stations but also for middle solar power-stations with power capacity up to 500 kW, which can be placed both on a ground and on building roofs. When it is necessary to implement a turn-key project, we work together with partner organizations, that allows to optimize expenses of our Customer on projects of such size.

One of most popular reasons for investments into medium-sized solar power-stations is an investor’s desire  to make profits and return the investments due to the sale of electric power, generated by his solar power-station, to the state on green tariff. Such procedure is envisaged in the Law of Ukraine "On electrical energy" and is effective from April, 2009. Novadays hundreds of solar power-stations in Ukraine are connected to general grid and successfully operate on green tariff, bringing solid profits to their proprietors.


Roof solar power stations 

Medium-sized solar power-stations are very often installed on roofs. Such mounting method has certain advantages:

  • Possibility to avoid quite long and complicated procedure related to formalization of documents and procedure on taking of a lot land for renewable energy purposes.
  • This accelerates the general cycle of a project, that allows to save budget costs.
  • The optimal solution for cases, when land proprietor is on the shortage of area and aims to keep the primary purpose of agricultural lands untoutched.
  • Solar panels suffer less from shading by high buildings or trees in case of placing of a station within limits of a settlement or nearby green plantations.


Крышная солнечная электростанция 160 кВт

 Rentechno accumulated large experience in planning and implementation of complete cycle of building and installation works, and also in further maintenance of roof photovoltaic stations of different type, from small (with little power capacity) private solar stations to large commercial solar power stations up to several megawatts.

In addition, we implemented projects where solar panels were located on roof surfaces of different buildings.

Roof solar power-station from Rentechno is the optimal correlation of price and quality,  projects design and implementation using products of the most reliable and verified manufacturers of solar batteries and solar inverters, and also full-scale service on all the territory of Ukraine.


Ground solar power-stations of middle power capacity

Most oftenly used location option for commercial solar power-stations is land surface installation of all elements of a photovaltaic station (solar batteries, mounting systems, inverters, transformers and other equipment parts). From one side, such method of  equipment placing makes a solar power-station project to be a bit longer on the whole, because it is necessary to elaborate all formal questions related to a land lot. On the other hand, the undoubted advantage of surface solar power-stations is the possibility to install greater (as compared to roof options) amount of solar batteries, in other words, the possibility to construct more powerful solar power-stations.


Наземная солнечная электростанция 240 кВт


We will also mention other advantages of ground placing of a solar power-station :

  • Possibility to get a solar power-station of any required power capacity, which is important at building of backup power-stations, when generated power must fully compensate disappeared electricity from the industrial network.
  • Involving of land lots, that are useless (or not very useful) for agricultural activity.
  • Possibility to locate solar panels in such way, that provides them the optimal spacial orientation.
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