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BIPV solar systems

BIPV is a promising new technology in the field of solar industry. More and more solar power plants around the world are used in close association with the architectural design, organically blended into the urban environment. Rentechno will design, build and run the job in any type of BIPV solar power plant.


BIPV solutions

In order to provide the most quality and efficient solutions for end customers, in April 2017, Renteсhno signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement with Soli Tek cells and started to represent BIPV products and SoliTek solutions on the Ukrainian market (including solar glass/glass modules, as well as the SOLRIF system).


BIPV facades

In-roof BIPV

PV canopy


Solar PV carports

Solar carport

Construction of industrial solar power plants
Equipment for solar power plants
Investments in renewable energy

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