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Trackers for PV systems

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Trackers for solar photovoltaic systems

Production performance of solar panels strictly depends on the amount of received solar radiation. Maximal electricity amount is generated when operating surfaces of solar modules (plates) is located orthogonally to the solar radiation stream.

Taking into account solar daily motion trajectory, the optimal location of an immobile (stationary) solar battery in azimuth is an angle about 150°. Field experiments show that a solar module, fixed in such position (right between sunrise and sunset points), loses about 75% from a maximally possible generation amount in evening and morning hours. Except the daily motion from west to east, the Sun additionally accomplishes seasonal motion between north and south, annually it makes about 46°. A panel, oriented in the middle point of average annual trajectory of the Sun in north-south direction, loses 8,3-9% of maximum generation amounts.

Dynamic mount systems for PV panels (movable trackers) are designed for automatic tracking of position of the Sun during all light day and orientation of solar batteries, mounted on these panels. Trackers also provide correction of panels angle depending on a season. Installation of a tracker system allows to increase generation amounts of electric power on 30-40%, compared to solar power-stations with immovable solar batteries.

The picture below illustrates how the typical daily power generation changes from the stationary reference metal structures for solar modules to 2-axis tracker systems:



Movable bearings (trackers) for solar batteries installation

For implementation of solar tracking function they usually set a movable platform that can rotate after the Sun movements in one or two planes. Tracker is a dynamic system, which includes:

  • Load bearing construction with fixed and movable part, solar panels are assembled directly on the latter.
  • Orientation system: consists of electromechanical drives, allowing to change orientation of a solar battery following trajectory of the Sun.
  • Control system stands for specialized software and control unit that allow to perform tracker management, to control and to serve a grid. In addition, it allows distant access for remote monitoring of a station’s operational parameters.


Tracker system can be completed with protection module (to protect from lightning, overloads etc.), mobile trackers also include navigation systems, that correct their operations depending on geographical location (for stationary trackers corresponding geographical coordinates are entered only once during installation).

After many years in the field Rentechno accumulated unique experience of planning, installation and operational maintenance of different tracking systems. We installed and successfully used a few dozens of solar dynamic systems with total power of solar batteries mounted up to several hundred kilowatts. Among important projects, where movable trackers were used, we should mention such objects, as Sunflower – 90 solar photo-electric station (network photovoltaic station) and also Chateau - 15 (backup PVS).


Advantages of cooperation with Rentechno:

  • Taking into account construction features, purpose and location of a solar power-station, and also allocated budget, Rentechno specialists will pick up the optimal mounting method for solar panels within this project, either fixed (stationary) metalwork or trackers (monoaxial or biaxial).
  • Variety of methods for solar modules mounting: fixed (stationary, immovable) nearing metalwork or tracker (dynamic) systems (monoaxial or biaxial).
  • High reliability: tracker structure is able to survive large wind loading, that is especially important at working surface increase, because object’s windage grows simultaneously. In addition, a load carrying structure must be as lightweight as possible, because it decreases expenses of electric power to rotate the object.
  • Implementation of individual custom design of load carrying structures for installation of solar panels.
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign producers of metalwork allows to offer our customers the widest possible choice for installation of solar panels at moderate prices.


With us you can order all kinds of equipment and components for solar power - trackers and support mounting structures. Proper selection of equipment is the key to a long and trouble-free operation of your system for many years. Our staff, based on years of experience servicing solar power, to help you choose the most balanced solution and prompt what equipment is best used in one set.

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