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Solitek solar modules

Soli Tek is an established European manufacturer and distributor of PV cells and modules with HQ and production plant in Vilnius, Lithuania. We have developed an advanced brand in the solar energy industry, providing high quality European made products for both private and commercial sectors.


Solid Pro    Solid Solrif

The company combines the most sophisticated technologies with over 18 years of manufacturing experience to produce market-leading products. It has an annual multi-si solar cells production capacity of 67 MW and 50 MW of PV modules and is actively involved in R&D activites.

SoliTek strives to provide top quality products to the market as well as recommending the best supplementary PV system elements and subcontractors to customers. Production and management quality is ensured by using a number of regulatory procedures. In addition the company is regularly audited by authorised third parties.

In 2017, Rentechno became the Strategic Partner of Solitek cells in Ukraine. We offer to your attention all kinds of standard and glass/glass solar panels by Solitek, as well as BIPV solutions from this company.



Current range of Solitek Products is the following:

  • SoliTek Standard P60 is a high quality policrystalline module manufactured in Lithuania. It has 6x10 PID-free cells in three strings, but we offer alternative module formats of 36 and 72 cells. Standard P60 modules are easily applied for installations of solar power plants as well as on-grid residential and commercial roof tops.
  • The SOLID PRO module combines the best technical features with elegant aesthetical design. It boasts a very high level of mechanical durability, minimal degradation over time, reliable performance and aesthetic-looking features. Because of this SOLID PRO module is year after year our bestseller.
  • The SOLID SMART module builds on the SOLID PRO model, incorporating optimization technology in the design. Tigo Power Optimization allows an increased (maximized) energy harvest. It can include additional safety features. The fully integrated SOLID SMART and TIGO system design is compatible with any inverter. SOLID SMART combines the technical, mechanical and aesthetic properties of SOLID PRO with the ability to harvest more energy.
  • SOLID SOLRIF® is our ideal solution for roof integration. This version of our Glass-Glass module can completely replace all or part of the roof thanks to the mounting system SOLRIF® by Schweizer. SOLID SOLRIF® combines the technical, mechanical and aesthetic properties of SOLID PRO with easier installation and integration in buildings.
  • SOLID SOLRIF® + SMART is our top-value offer of an optimized in-roof system. This module combines all the best technical, mechanical, aesthetic and performance features for the SOLID SMART and SOLID SOLRIF®.


Advantages of the brand and products of Solitek cells:

  • Solitek is a European developer and manufacturer of solar cells with an efficiency of up to 18.5%.
  • The company has its own research and development center.
  • Production uses modern equipment from leading European suppliers Singulus Technologies.
  • The products have received European certificates from the Fraunhofer Institute and TUV Rheinland.
  • High durability of solar cells allows to provide guaranteed lifetime of solar panels up to 25-30 years.
  • Accuracy of solar cell sorting by efficiency is + 0.2/-0%.
  • The best price for products of European quality and produced in the European Union.


SoliTek products differ from other glass-glass-type solar cells in that they use a different type of film. To ensure the durability of the solar battery, SoliTek abandoned the usual types of films (ethylenevinylacetate EVA or polyvinylphosphate PVF). The company uses only European materials. According to the manufacturer, such a solar battery is ideal for all weather conditions, resistant to sand, dust, ammonia and salt fog. In addition, it has a fire resistance class of A. SoliTek promises for these batteries a minimum service life of 30 years. Unlike other products, it does not separate after 8-12 years, the manufacturer says. SoliTek ensures strict compliance with production technology and applies only high-quality European components (glass, PV films, current collectors, junction boxes, etc.).

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