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JA Solar - PV batteries

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd created vertically integrated equipment production chain, so production rates permanently place the company among the top-5 global manufacturers  in terms of total power of produced solar (photoelectric) modules. Headquarters are located in Beijing, main production office stands in Shanghai, production facilities are located in 7 cities of China, one plant with solar modules annual power of almost 1 GW is located in Malaysia. The company supplies its own turn-key solar batteries as well as photo-electric modules to more than 60 countries all over the world.


JA Solar solar modules by Rentechno


JA Solar is not only leading global producer for high-quality, reliable and high-performance solar batteries equipment , it is one of industry leaders on investments in research and development of solar technologies. Permanent optimization of present technologies and introduction of innovative developments assures that JA Solar is ahead of its competitors at the market for 6-12 monts. The company inculcated and began mass production of photocells (solar cells) on the basis of selective diffuse technology with PERC (passivated emitter rear contact).

Another example of active implementation of innovative technologies is double printing technology use; JA Solar was the first company in the world to implement the innovation on all production lines where solar elements are manufactured. Double printing technology allowed to improve weldability rates of conductor track and to minimize probability of critical failures of conductor track networks in a solar module, and also to decrease electrical junction resistance. All these innovations allowed to minimize energy losses and to improve fault tolerance of solar modules.

The use of own innovative technologies allows JA Solar to produce solar modules with 20,6% average efficiency factor. In addition, compared to other single-crystal panels, JA Solar solar batteries demonstrate better productivity under bad luminance conditions (multireflected light, diffuse luminance).

Polycrystal solar battery, manufactured by JA Solar with standard quantity of 60 photoelectric solar modules, delivers 285-290 W average output power, while average output power of concurrent solar battery (with the same size and amount of solar photoelectric modules) is 255-260 W.

Such power boost per one solar panel allows:

  • JA Solar batteries generate up to 11% electric power more with identical solar panels area,
  • To save up to 8% area during construction works of solar power-station with the specified power.
  • To minimize transport charges up to 10%.
  • To decrease assembling works charges up to 7%.


Rentechno company has experience of long and fruitfully cooperation with JA Solar. We used their equipment in many projects, so our employees received necessary education and training and also accumulated large practical maintenance experience. Ordering our "turn-key" services, you can include the requirement to use equipment from this specific producer into project  technical specifications and you will get the most detailed technical consultations about its usage. In addition you can simply purchase this equipment for your projects with Rentechno. We will offer a fair price to you, and also we will manage all issues related to logistics and customs clearance. Thus you keep the direct manufacturer guarantee, substantially reducing the cost of commissioning and adjustment works due to work with domestic specialists, and also receive additional guarantee plus at least 1 year of free service from Rentechno.

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