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Steca solar grid-on and off-grid invertors

Steca company is the largest European manufacturer of power electronics that can be used in the different systems of energy supply, including those that function on renewable energy sources. The company gained very high reliability and quality rates due to incorporation of a new multi-stage industry control system on Steca production facilities (located in Europe only). The system meticulously monitors the adherence to technological processes. That’s why uninterruptible power modules and invertors used in the backup and autonomous power supply systems are recognized as one of the best in the world market in their class.

Steca company is focused on the manufacturing of invertors used in backup and autonomous photovoltaic (solar) power supply systems. Invertors of this series were developed taking into account their further application in the stand-alone photovoltaic systems exactly. For that purpose Steca involved technological solutions not used before for planning and manufacturing of such type of equipment. As a result the company succeeded to develop an invertor generating alternate output current with ideal sinewave form. In addition, that it is especially important in autonomous solar electro-systems, Steca succeeded to attain the minimum value of intrinsic leakage current in all modes, working or "asleep", with one of the best results in the world. In addition, an invertor provides optimal defence of electric storage unit (accumulator battery), protecting it from deep discharge.

Due to Solarix PI invertors parallel combination (it is possible to interconnect up to 4 units through single switchboard), it is possible to optimize energy consumption in the system. Some number of Solarix PI invertors  connected together combine into the single device of very high power. When load is low, only one invertor works, all other are commuted in sleep mode to provide substantial electric power savings. When the system switches to high-power mode (for private residence that usually includes refrigerator,  microwave oven or conditioner), the necessary amount of invertors connects automatically to provide sufficient uninterruptable energy supply.

For industrial solar power-stations selling generated electricity to a general power grid on a green tariff, Steca developed and manufactured StecaGrid invertors line:

Steca Elektronik and Rentechno cooperation

Rentechno company has experience of long and fruitfully cooperation with Steca. We used their equipment in many projects, so our employees received necessary education and training and also accumulated large practical maintenance experience. Ordering our "turn-key" services, you can include the requirement to use equipment from this specific producer into project  technical specifications and you will get the most detailed technical consultations about its usage. In addition you can simply purchase this equipment for your projects with Rentechno. We will offer a fair price to you, and also we will manage all issues related to logistics and customs clearance. Thus you keep the direct manufacturer guarantee, substantially reducing the cost of commissioning and adjustment works due to work with domestic specialists, and also receive additional guarantee plus at least 1 year of free service from Rentechno.

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