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SMA solar invertors

Invertor is a very important technical component of any power-station. Incoming direct current produced by solar batteries (via panels, wind generators, diesel power stations) transforms into alternate current with required frequency. In recent times invertors also perform very important role as the intellectual supervisory system, managing all processes in a network.

Rentechno company is technical and business partner of SMA Solar Technology AG (it is proved by corresponding certificate), universally recognized world leader in field of development, production and sale of invertors and devices used to monitor various power generation and power supply systems.  SMA invertors are designed and manufactured including all latest achievements and innovations in the field of electronics, which provides highest productivity and reliability.


SMA solar inverters


In 2016 SMA company successfully kept highest positions as global top-manufacturer of invertors by volume of sales. As IHS Markit Global 2016 PV Inverter Rankings analytical report says, the share of the German invertors manufacturer in a total world turnover increased to 14%, making a minor boost of SMA global market positions as compared to 2015.

Outstanding feature, which makes all SMA invertors very different from others, is their high efficiency. One of the last company’s inventions is Sunny Mini Central invertor with efficiency index over 98%. Technologies used by SMA allow to manufacture multifunctional invertors that can be used in network, autonomous and reserve power grids.

SUNNY TRIPOWER invertors (three-phase, network), developed by SMA, are one of the most innovative high-efficiency transformers used today in solar energy. After the model’s production start SMA actually set the newest and highest technological standard for solar energy equipment. SUNNY TRIPOWER invertors are successfully installed in the photo-electric (solar) stations with total power exceeding dozens of megawatts.

Sunny Tripower solar invertors are the perfect combination of high productivity, simple installation procedures and reliable support of preset network parameters. Use of multithreading technology with wide range of incoming currents allows to apply this three-phase invertor in most variable grid configurations. Optiprotect embedded safety system with self-regulating fault detection feature, electronic safety device and also excess-voltage suppressor, protecting direct current chain from overvoltage – all these combined together give strong guarantees of very high reliability and safety during exploitation of both invertor and electric system it will be used in.

SUNNY BOY network solar invertors are the best option for photo-electric systems of small and middle wattage, their efficiency makes them into perfect for installation in private residences (e.g. typical suburban house) as well as mobile solar power-stations. SMA SUNNY BOY solar invertors can be installed both in solar power-stations used together with the centralized power grid, and in autonomous (reserve as an option) schemes of power supply, where they can be used simultaneously with the Sunny Island-type invertors. Based on the construction type Sunny Boy invertors can be classified as transformerless invertors. High efficiency factor allows to distinguish this class of negators in a separate group. In addition, it is necessary to mention strong, reliable case and small invertor weight, which assures simple and fast installation.

SMA Solar Technology AG reacts very tenderly on the customers and market necessities, its developments allow company product line to accord with global tendencies in this market segment.  Main company headquarters are located in Niestetal (Germany, not far from Kassel). Wide network of local representatives and offices in many countries allows to represent SMA Solar Technology AG to every country of the world.


SMA solar invertors: sale, delivery, service

Rentechno company has long-term and fruitfull cooperation with SMA Solar Technology company. We use their equipment in many projects since 2012, so our employees received necessary education and training and also accumulated large practical experience of SMA invertors maintenance. Ordering our "turn-key" services, you can include the requirement to use equipment from this specific producer into project  technical specifications and you will get the most detailed technical consultations about its usage. In addition you can simply purchase this equipment for your projects with Rentechno. We will offer a fair price to you, and also we will manage all issues related to logistics and customs clearance. Thus you keep the direct manufacturer guarantee, substantially reducing the cost of commissioning and adjustment works due to work with domestic specialists, and also receive additional guarantee plus at least 1 year of free service from Rentechno.

As official "Sales and Solutions" SMA partner in December 2016 Rentechno company was granted a right to provide complete service support for the actual owners of solar power-stations using SMA invertors.

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