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From Rentechno Prime you can buy all kinds of equipment and accessories for installation on your site or retrofitting of solar power plants of various types (on-grid, autonomous, reserve, hybrid). We will find you solar panels, inverters, trackers or supporting metal, solar cables, charge controllers, batteries and other necessary equipment.

Equipment distribution for solar power plants

One of the priorities of our company — is to provide maximum services from a single source that allows the customer to get the most rational and balanced solution. An important step is the selection of suitable equipment and effectively solve the technical problems of the client. Company Renteсhno Prime works without long chains of intermediaries, and in most cases has established a direct contractual relationship with the manufacturers. This scheme allows us not only to provide customers with the most favorable conditions for the guarantee, but also provide competitive quotations.

In most cases, carrying out projects «turnkey», we refuse to represent the interests of any single vendor in favor of the maximum satisfaction of our customers. That is why for each item we try to work with multiple vendors. Our experts conducted a thorough analysis and selected the most reliable suppliers of quality equipment for each of the activities of our company. In any case, we can offer you the optimal configuration of the object equipment, specific to the area and all of your needs. Cooperating with Renteсhno, you can be sure that you will get absolutely adequate level of spending on equipment and accessories.

From us you can buy all kinds of PV equipment and accessories for installation on your site or retrofitting of solar power plants of various types (on-grid, autonomous, reserve, hybrid). We will find you solar panels, inverters, trackers or supporting metal, solar cables, charge controllers, batteries and other necessary equipment.

Renteсhno Prime working closely with financial institutions operating in Ukraine. Our financial management has developed and offers a number of tools aimed at reducing the capital cost of customers through effective credit schemes with competitive interest rates, and we will find the most efficient solution for your project.

Thus, we are ready to provide full-service, if you are interested in solar power. The sale of our solutions is carried out on the territory of Ukraine, our company provides a detailed description of solar power, performance and various recommendations concerning the object, calculate the expected power and so on.

Rentechno Prime offers high quality equipment for all types of PV power plants


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