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Rentechno offers full range of operating and maintenance (OM) services for solar PV power plants.

Operating and maintenance (O&M) — Solar PV power plants

High reliability, operational predictability and uninterrupted performance of all equipment, installed on a station, are subjects of very high importance, because any incidental breakdown can cause significant financial losses.  Even though solar batteries have high reliability and  durability (manufacturing companies claim up to 25 years of guaranted service), they require regular technical maintenance, as well as other equipment. Rentechno offers full range of operating and maintenance (OM) services for solar PV power plants.

  • Development of operational schedule of a station’s maintenance service.
  • Diagnostic testing of all equipment, installed on a station, as well as of its separate components (solar modules, invertors, power converter and so on)
  • Regular maintenance checks and periodic technical servicing according to equipment specifications.
  • Status monitoring and durability checking for metal framework elements, working as  solar batteries mount attachments,  anchoring elements and thread joints.
  • Analysis and fastest possible detection of probable causes for performance degradation.
  • Supply of components and spare parts, required for complete and maximally fast recovery of a station’s operational readiness.
  • Mobile service team for emergency and restoration works.
  • Full range of installation, start-up and commissioning works.
  • Installation supervisory control during an object’s construction.
  • Status estimation on dustiness (pollution density) of solar batteries surface; cleaning (washing) works when required.
  • Support of initial landscape environment conditions: overshadowing removal and orientation adjustment for modules, misoriented by soil erosion, vibrations or joints weakening; solar panels orientation accuracy checks.

Agreement for a full package of solar station maintenance services with Rentechno gives you following advantages:

  • Regular estimation of technical conditions of all components and core parts of a station.
  • Service team, assigned to specific station. Better acquaintance with peculiarities and operational parameters of the installed equipment significantly facilitates repair operations.
  • Fast restoration of complete operational readiness of an object due to installation of spare parts and components with 24/7 Rentechno warehouse availability in Ukraine. 
  • Employment of technological equipment from Rentechno buffer stock until the ordered spare part arrives, which allows to minimize losses due to a station’s down time.
  • Production and technical base Renteсhno can not only perform standard types of repairs, but also, if necessary, promptly repair or even produce parts, not waiting for them to replace the original equipment manufacturer.

Operating and maintenance services for solar PV power stations, as well as for other types of  utility systems, requires professional training, skills and competencies. Rentechno technical staff members completed their internships at factories of leading companies in solar power stations manufacturing (SMA Solar Technology AG, Steca, Huaweі, SunGrow and others) and were recognized as certified professionals in the field of photovoltaic stations maintenance. Our company can provide not just trainings for your employees’, if their professional responsibility includes operations with utility systems of Rentechno design and construction. If we sign proper agreement, Rentechno will provide full package of regular solar stations operational checks and maintenance works, and fastest possible emergency repair, when required.

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