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Green tariff for individuals

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Green tariff

"Green" tariff is a special tariff on electric power, produced by solar power-stations. "Green" tariff can be applied to solar power-stations, "built-in (installed) on roofs and/or facades of private households (houses, buildins) with installed power capacity, that does not exceed 30 kW". (article 17-1 of the Law of Ukraine "On electrical energy").

The state stimulates building of home solar power-stations with following:

  • State gives a private individual rights to produce and to sell "green" electric power;
  • Production of green electric power does not require any special license;
  • State obligates a supplier to buy back all electric power, produced by a solar power-station;
  • State applies power limitations for household solar power-stations (30 kW, but no more than mentioned in an agreement on electric power usage) (articles 15, 17-1 of of the Law specify the rules of "green" tariff calculation);
  • "Green" tariff is unified for all solar power stations and does not require to be approved by NERC;
  • "Green" tariff is effective through 1 January 2030;
  • State regulates "green" tariff indexation and its binding to euro currency.

Green tariff for private solar power stations

The legislation of Ukraine obligates energy supplying companies to buy back on electric power surpluses from households, working by "green" tariff. The energy must be generated by roof or facade solar power-stations with power capacity up to 30 kW. Household proprietors do not need to get licenses of electric power producer and to follow the requirement about local constituent. Also you can get more detailed legal analysis of peculiarities of private households connection with "green" tariff.

Как получить зеленый тариф для частной солнечной электростанции?

Key changes, concerning "green" tariff for private solar power-stations in Ukraine from 2015

  1. Maximal power of private solar power-stations, working on "green" tariff, is increased up to 30 kW.
  2. Requirement about "local constituent" is not obligatory anymore.
  3. "Green" tariff will be binded to EUR/UAH currencies exchange rate.

New rates of "green" tariff from 4 June 2015 are available here.

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