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Actual legislation acts, regulating the market of solar electricity generation, provide effective mechanism that stimulates investments into alternative energy industry. High tariff rates; state guarantees; effectiveness through 2030; prices in euro – these are basic advantages, making production and sale of solar-generated electricity into economically profitable projects.

What does green tariff mean

Green tariff (or feed - in tariff) is a special legislatively prescribed tariff on electric power, that is generated with use of alternative (non-carbon renewable) energy sources, and energy of solar radiation belongs to that list. Green tariff was entered for stimulation of active implementation of modern technologies based on the use of alternative renewable energy sources, including solar power-stations of different power capacity. Green tariff demonstrated its effectiveness as a stimulant factor in many countries all over the world, lately it shows similar efficiency in Ukraine.


Green tariff in Ukraine

Green tariff was officially entered in Ukraine in 2009. The main obligation of the state was to buy back all amount of electric power, generated with the use of alternative sources, and also relatively high price rate for this kind of electricity.

 Green tariff is a solution to provide energy independence of Ukraine. One of aims of the tariff’s acceptance was to direct national energy development not only into traditional sources sector with use of expensive fossil sources (hydrocarbons) of foreign origin, but also to stimulate active extension of alternative energy segment, using renewable, virtually inexhaustible energy sources. Shift to RES technologies is the substantial step towards energy independence of our country.

Advantages of green tariff are based on three fundamental factors:

  • Producers of "solar" electricity receive assured connection to general electric grid.
  • Long-term contract is signed, stipulating obligatory purchase of all electric power generated with the use of renewable sources.
  • Special step-up coefficient is used in cost calculations on electricity bought back by the state.


Law on green tariff 

Making amendments in Law of Ukraine "On electrical energy" in June 2015 substantially improved investment climate in the field of alternative energy. Alternative energy market received the effective instrument that substantially simplified business operations on green tariff and considerably increased its attractiveness:

  • effectiveness of green tariff is defined till 1 January 2030. Average capital investments recoupment period is 5-8 years (depends on photovoltaic station type, its power, location etc.), so solar energy becomes attractive for investments.
  • green tariff is nominated in EURO currency with quarterly updates.
  • Process of connection to general electrical grid is considerably simplified.
  • Obligatory provision about "local constituent" is abolished, that simplified the process of effective equipment choice and selection. Use of domestically produced (made in Ukraine) equipment allows to increase green tariff rate up to 10%.


Green tariff for solar power-stations

Today's rates on green tariff, used for solar power-stations, are one of the highest in Europe, that allows to forecast stable development and further implementation of projects on building of solar power-stations in our country. As the best argument to the point it is possible to consider that more and more foreign investors begin to invest in Ukrainian sunny energy.

It is necessary to mention that nowadays two different directions are into parallel development in the country, namely industrial solar power-stations and home solar power-stations. Green tariff for industrial photovoltaic stations (enterprises) is installed at lower level and has a bit more difficult registration procedure, compared to the same for private individuals. This is due to the fact that, from one side, the state simplifies green tariff registration for the public in order to additionally stimulate development of small private solar power-stations.

On the other hand, high-power equipment for solar power-stations is substantially cheaper per 1 МW, than technologically similar, but less powerful, equipment for 10-30 kW private projects. So this allows to get very attractive rates on return of investments even with lower green tariff and slightly more difficult procedure of its registration.

Green tariff for personal (private) households is attractive and effective mechanism allowing to create distributed energy generation systems. Such energy use minimizes losses from transportation of electric power on large distances. Thus, for private low-power solar network power-station, networks of district or region scale come forward as accumulator of infinite capacity.


Registration of green tariff

Rentechno has considerable experience in the implementation of projects aimed to get a profit from the sale of electricity using «green» tariff. Contact our company and Rentechno’s experts will carry out comprehensive advice on all matters related to the «green» tariff in Ukraine.



Green tariff is a special tariff, imposed by the state on electric energy from renewable energy sources, including generated from energy of solar radiation. Green tariff for solar photovoltaic power-stations is effective in Ukraine from 1 April 2009 till 31 December 2029. Nowadays green tariff rate is set at optimal level, that allows to forecast further development of projects on building of solar photovoltaic power-stations in our country.

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