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Rentechno offers general contracting projects in the implementation of renewable energy in the first place — in the field of solar energy and biomass utilization. As a general contractor, we carry out the work of real estate development, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of renewable energy facilities, as well as ready to accompany projects as a representative of the customer.

General contracting in renewable energy industry - solar power plant EPC

Rentechno is an engineering group of companies with headquarters in Kiev, branches in Kirovohrad and Kherson region. In our headquarters operates its own engineering and design department, the department of capital construction, and project office. The company maintained and operate the appropriate organizational structure, staff, equipment and permissions for the timely implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy sources at the highest level of quality.

Renteсhno offers general contracting projects in the implementation of renewable energy in the first place — in the field of solar energy. We have extensive experience in a variety of formats, including acting as an EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), manage projects on the model of EPCM (EPC Management), working as a DD&CC contractor (Development, Design, Construction and Commissioning) and provide separate services and engineering services (O&M) of the alternative energy. As a general contractor, we carry out the work of real estate development, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of renewable energy facilities, as well as ready to accompany projects as a representative of the customer.



Solar EPC



Project management in PV industry

Our professional management team with experience in implementing complex industrial projects supported by a team of highly qualified engineers with experience in power electronics, networking and communications systems, the management of industrial enterprises. We have all the necessary licenses to perform design and construction work as a contractor or general contractor.

In our work, we make extensive use of methods and tools of project management. The company has established and successfully operates a project office, acting as a single project management, development of standardized project management methodology, analysis and monitoring of their implementation, training of project management techniques and many others. One of our popular services — a turnkey PV power plants, resulting in you get a full range of calculations, design, construction, installation and maintenance of the object.


Projects’ stages for utility-scale PV power plants

Rentechno accompanies solar energy projects, offering full support for the principle of ’all-in-one solar energy provider’, from the earliest stages. Very often in the early stages, it is impossible to estimate the costs and schedule of the project, as many of its parameters are still unknown or still under discussed. For complex projects, close collaboration between the customer and the general contractor is highly required.


The main stages of this cooperation for industrial solar power plants are given below:

  1. Technical and legal due diligence of the project — studying all available materials in the initial phase of the project (land permits, grid permits, researches results, assessment capabilities, weather data and insolation connectivity).
  2. Approval of the requirements to solar power plant (list of basic equipment or requirements for it, the power of solar farm, staging for the construction and commissioning, EPC-contractor’ scope of works and services, etc.).
  3. Preparation of commercial offer and project schedule.
  4. Preparation and analysis of project financial model.
  5. Signing of the EPC Agreement.
  6. The collection of pre-design data.
  7. Grid permits obtaining.
  8. Development and approval of the design documentation.
  9. Obtaining the necessary permits to begin construction work.
  10. Equipment procurement.
  11. Construction and installation work.
  12. Technical acceptance of the object for compliance with project documentation.
  13. Grid connection.
  14. Commissioning and trial operation.
  15. Licenses and «green» tariff.
  16. Operation and monitoring.
  17. Service and maintatnence.


In some cases, individual items from the list above may be absent or go to another sequence.

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