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The company offers services to implement the pre-design work and the development of design and estimate documentation for different objects and systems in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The main activity of the company’s design department Rentechno — is designing photovoltaic plants. For best results, we are ready to be a general contractor in the design, thus ensuring the achievement of existing goals on time.

Solar power plants Engineering and Design

Rentechno company offers its services to implement the pre-design work and the development of design and estimate documentation for different objects and systems in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We have extensive practical experience in the design documentation for industrial plants of various types and various capacities, as well as power grids and power substations with voltage up to 35 kV. Many of our projects have been successfully implemented and brought to the stage of commercial operation.

The main activity of the company’s design department Rentechno — is designing photovoltaic plants. Our company has many years of experience in solar energy and was able to accumulate a lot of experience in the design, coordination, operation and maintenance of stand-alone and network of solar power plants. We provide services for the implementation of pre-engineering surveys, services modeling (simulating) solar power with the help of specialized software, perform simplified technical and economic calculations, develop more complex feasibility study, prepare preliminary and detailed designs, as well as develop specialized design solutions.

We provide a full range of services for the design of solar power plants: computer simulation of solar power plants using specialized software; develop a feasibility study or simplified technical and economic calculations performance of pre-engineering studies, preparation of preliminary and detailed designs of solar power plants, as well as development of specialized design solutions for individual inputs.

Solar power plants modeling and simulating

Design of solar power plant, whether it is a private system for own use or industrial on-grid photovoltaic power plant, begins with the technical modeling and simulation of the future project in different modes. The peculiarity of the solar industry is that with the right technical implementation of the project, even a slight increase in the specific generation of 25 years of operation, the owner of the power plant brings a very large additional profit, which requires the initial stages of the relatively small additional cost.

Proper modeling of the solar power plant will take into account the individual characteristics of the chosen site (land or the roof of the building), its orientation, the influence of neighboring objects (shading), especially solar insolation and climate in a specific geographic location, as well as pick up the equipment, which will be the most optimized. Another important result of the simulation of the solar power plant is to choose the correct angle of the solar modules and the distances between them in rows to fulfill all the requirements and accounting characteristics of a particular project (eg, maximization of power generation or the most efficient use of the available area).

To simulate a solar power plant and modulate it our engineers use only licensed software, which gives us the opportunity to work with the most actual databases on the climatic conditions and parameters of the equipment. The use of licensed software ensures that the results will be as accurate as predicting the performance of solar power plant. The standard simulation of the solar power plant includes recommendations for the selection and location of various types of equipment. If necessary, we can perform a comparative simulation for several different sets (for example, compare the 2-3 types of inverters with 4-5 different types of solar modules) that will allow to make right decisions about purchasing equipment. For each option, calculations, you will receive a detailed report with all the results (example of a PVSYST report). Our design and engineering department in the shortest possible time, to your future modeling of power, well received by our recommendations will be very helpful in the future at development of design documentation for your project.

PV power plant feasibility study

Turning to the company Rentechno, you can order a Feasibility Study of your project construction of solar power plants. This document is being developed under a specific customer problem and takes into account the specifics of the project. A typical composition of the Feasibility Study for the solar photovoltaic plant includes the following sections:

  • Legal analysis of the solar energy market in Ukraine;
  • Input data and results of engineering research;
  • Justification of the object;
  • Justification of the capacity;
  • Basic technology, construction, architectural and planning decisions;
  • Solar modules (options);
  • Inverters (options);
  • Cable networks and combiner boxes;
  • Transformers and switchgears;
  • Supporting metal structures;
  • Scheme and transport master-plan (options);
  • Results comparing different sets of equipment;
  • Major decisions on engineering maintenance facility construction;
  • Justification of the staffа;
  • Basic provisions on the organization of construction;
  • Difficulty category of the project;
  • Technical and economic characteristics of the object;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of investments;
  • Specification for the design;
  • Consolidated payment of construction costs;
  • Applications: datasheets, PVSYST reports.


Feasibility Calculation of solar power plant

In some cases, the development of a detailed feasibility study is not necessary, and to make a decision the customer takes less than a detailed feasibility calculation on solar power. This document as well as the feasibility study is being developed under a specific customer problem and takes into account the specifics of the project. Usually solar photovoltaic plant feasibility calculation covers the following topics:

  • PV power plant capacity calculation;
  • Analysis of the main equipment facility;
  • Technical and economic parameters of the project;
  • Staff calculation;
  • The financial model for the project (planned production of electricity and revenue from "green tariff"; planned CAPEX; planned OPEX);
  • Applications (datasheets for solar modules and inverters; PVSYST report).


Individual engineering of PV power plants

Engineering solutions introduced by our company take into account the individual characteristics of the object, and often are quite complex technical systems. In cases where the customer’s requirements cannot be met using typical solutions, we evaluate and design solutions that meet the specific terms of technical requirements. We can do full engineering, from pre-design and feasibility study until development and improvement of design documentation.

Design documentation in PV by Rentechno

Rentechno has all the necessary licenses and permits required for the provision of such services. Working with our company, you will get suspended and that the best solutions, taking into account all the nuances of your object and the current realities of the market.

Project documentation is performed in accordance with applicable national standards and ISO standards and can be quickly agreed upon by the relevant authorities, which greatly reduces the total time of construction and commissioning of solar power. The company is an engineering outsourcing provider a provider and can develop the design documentation according to foreign standards in English or German.

Our design department should be solely an individual approach to each client and working on each project with maximum consideration of all its specificity. Our main advantage — is the fulfillment of the basic design sections of their own, have experience in the design of complex energy facilities, development of several design decisions and their subsequent comparison and justification.

Pre-design works for solar PV power plants

Construction of solar power plants is complex project which requires a lot of capital investments and time. It is neccesary to perform all the work on project engineering to reduce the potential risks. Our company as a general contractor is ready to offer you our services for the implementation of topological and geological surveys, testing the bearing capacity of buildings and structures.

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