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Our services among others include the installation of foundations for the installation of supporting metal or trackers, installation of cable networks and the installation of protective equipment, commissioning and commissioning of individual complex hybrid power systems commissioning of relay control and security, installation of monitoring systems, sensors and actuators, and much more.

Solar power plants construction and commissioning in Ukraine

Renteсhno company is ready to offer all the necessary services and the general contractor (EPC contractor) in any projects related to the introduction of renewable energy sources, in particular — the construction of solar power plants in Ukraine. Our services among others include the installation of foundations for the installation of supporting metal or trackers, installation of cable networks and the installation of protective equipment, commissioning and commissioning of individual complex hybrid power systems commissioning of relay control and security, installation of monitoring systems, sensors and actuators, and much more.

The use of solar energy — a technology for the future, because it is used essentially inexhaustible source of energy, moreover, is ecologically safe. Particularly advantageous construction of a solar power plant in the southern regions, where the active solar radiation opens up the possibility of production of electricity.

The staff of our company are specialists in solar energy, which are regularly improving their skills, and practical experience Renteсhno — already more than a dozen well-functioning projects. So if you are interested in services for the construction of solar power plants — welcome to contact our company. We have all the necessary licenses to perform design and construction work, including as a general contractor.

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