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Ivanovka PV power plant (Ukraine, Kirovograd)

Ivanivka solar photovoltaic power station was built in 2013 in the Kirovograd region of Ukraine. The power plant covers an area of 2,7 hectares of installed photovoltaic modules with 1,341 MW total power. This facility was built to produce eco-clean electricity and its further sale to the grid via "green tariff".

The solar power plant is designed using string inverters manufactured by Power One corporation with 27.6 kW output power, and 250 W multicrystalline silicon modules. All inverters are combined into three groups, which are connected to 0,4/10 kV transformer substations.

Solar power plant facility design was projected to optimize the equipment and components in order to minimize power losses and to maximize the specific generation. Also, due to quite hard conditions over shadowed by external objects, there was completed 3D simulation of the facility to identify possible shading of solar modules at any time. The result has been chosen the best solution to place equipment on the site without appearance of any not controlled losses.

The station is controlled by a self-monitoring system, which allows to analyze its state from any location of the world. Automated electricity control and accounting system calculates the amount of electric energy produced by the station in a given time interval.

Rentechno company acted as general contractor for the project, obtaining necessary permits for power plant building and its connection to the power grid; completing geological and geodetic exploratory works. Our company designed the facility, purchased and delivered all equipment and components to the construction site, as well as accomplished solar power plant turnkey construction, which was finalized by operating personnel education and commissioning of the plant.

Our company’s stuff also provided legal support related to the formal issues of "green" tariff implementation (electric power producer’s license registration, membership in Wholesale Market of electric power, expert evaluation on determination of actual proportion of local content, signing of agreement on the electric power sale with Energorynok State Enterprise and obtaining NERC permit on "green" tariff).

In 2017, this project of Rentechno got on the pages of a new school textbook on physics for the 8th grade:


PV project of Rentechno is on the pages of a new school textbook

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