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Brovarska solar power plant

Ground-based solar power plant of 5.56 MW

Ground-based solar power plant with a total capacity of 5.56 MW in Kyiv region is planned to be built for sale of generated electricity for transmission over the «green» tariff (Feed-in tariff) to a grid. The total area of ?? solar photovoltaic plant is 10.18 hectares. The estimated annual generation of solar power as a result of the simulation object is 6 327.5 MW/h.

In power plant calculation we used the following technological equipment: polycrystalline photovoltaic modules with power of 250W, stationary support structures for solar modules, complete transformer-inverter substation to convert direct current to alternate current with a voltage of 10 kV, monitoring system, combiner boxes, switch gear and other equipment.

Single-line diagram of PV power plant was developed taking into account the practical experience of Rentechno in the design, construction, operation and maintanance of solar power plants both ground and roof types. All figures and decision on the project were set out in the final analytical note and supported by appropriate calculations, models and diagrams.


Rentechno company provided engineering consulting services for this project on the following issues:

• Planned solar power;
• List of major equipment and components;
• Details of the PV power plant configuration;
• Details of the photovoltaic modules placement;
• Evaluation of the power output of solar power plant;
• Predictive electrical generation;
• Ratio of specific generation;
• CAPEX structure of solar power plant
• The planned construction time of PV power plant;
• Evaluation of operating costs;
• Simulation of power generation in PVSYST.

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