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Chateau-2 solar plant

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"Chateau-2" private on-grid solar power plant (Ukraine, Kirovigrad region)

Chateau – 2, a private (household) solar photovoltaic power station (PV-station) was designed and installed with the purpose to generate "solar" electricity with furter selling into general grid on green tariff rate. The solar power-station is built by Rentechno company at the beginning of 2015 in a private household (Kirovohrad oblast’). Project design of the station involves polycrystalline silicic panels (solar photo-electric modules) and network inverters. Total power capacity of all photo-electric modules installed on the object is 30 kW.

Rentechno company, working as the general contractor of Chateau – 2 solar station, performed project design works, as well as various operational activities, related to construction and comissioning of the roof solar power station.

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