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"Green" tariff in Ukraine increased by 2 times

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 «Green» tariff in Ukraine increased by 2 times

"Зеленый" тариф для солнечных электростанций увеличен вдвое

Ukrainian regulator (NERC) did not extend cut of feed-in tariff for March 2015. As you probably remember NERC formalized the decision to decrease a feed-in tariff via two decrees:

1) Decree No. 492 of February 27, 2015, On Establishing  «Green» Tariff for Electrical Energy which provides for rates for feed-in tariff based on actual EUR/UAH exchange rate as of the date of the decree;

2) Decree No. 493 of February 27, 2015, on Suspension of NERC Decree No. 492 of February 27, 2015, and Establishing «Green» Tariffs for Electrical Energy within Temporary Extraordinary Measures in Electricity Market. Decree No. 493 reduces rates of feed-in tariff based on actual EUR/UAH exchange rate by 55% for solar energy in projects commissioned before 31 March 2013 and 50% for all other renewables. Decree No.493 enters into force on March 1, 2015, and is terminated on the date when Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers (CMU) of Ukraine of January 14, 2015, No. 36-p On Taking Temporary Extraordinary Measures in the Electricity Market expires. Please note that the legal force of notorious Resolution No. 36 was extended by CMU Resolution No. 124-p of February 25, 2015, by one month (till March 25, 2015 inclusively). Decree No. 493 which is cutting feed-in tariff expired on March 25, 2015. According to Article 29 of Law of Ukraine on Foundations of Functioning Electricity Market in Ukraine, such measures may not be extended for more than one month. This time both CMU and NERC followed the rules of Law. The adoption of decision on establishing feed-in tariff for April was postponed to the later time. In any case, NERC should adopt its decision till the end of March The adoption of decision on establishing feed-in tariff for April was postponed to the later time. In any case, NERC should adopt its decision till the end of March together with the adoption of retail prices for electricity.

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