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Backup power system for private house

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Backup power system for private house

Rentechno’ specialists installed and put into operation next backup power system for private cottages in the Kiev region. This is the second system based on hybrid Stark inverters. Appointment of equipment — ensuring job security of all important life support systems at home in case of rolling blackouts or any other malfunction of the external grid.

In this case, the 3 kVA inverter and two battery with capacity of 200 Ah have been used, that provide the work of two boilers, pumping station, security system, video surveillance system, as well as all indoor and outdoor lighting. If necessary, the system allows power from the backup outlets other appliances. Power reserve system backup power lasts an average of 6 hours in stand-alone mode.

A distinctive feature of the proposed architecture is the ability to extend the functionality of the system in the future due to its upgrade with solar panels. Stark inverters optimal use for small home systems backup power systems, energy saving, autonomous power supply systems with a capacity of 2-5 kVA load. Their main purpose is domestic system with the possibility of saving energy through solar energy.

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