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Soli Tek and Rentenho Strategic Partnership

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Soli Tek cells and Rentenho Strategic Partnership

A few days ago in Odessa, during the events of the 6th International Conference and Exhibition of Solar Energy in Central and Eastern Europe CISOLAR-2017, the companies Rentechno and SoliTek cells  held a seminar on "Solar energy in architecture: technology, trends, prospects for the Ukrainian market" and reported on the signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement for the territory of Ukraine.

SoliTek is a well-known European manufacturer of photovoltaic cells and solar modules with its head office and manufacturing facility in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company SoliTek combines the latest technology with more than 18 years of manufacturing experience for the production of products on the market. This manufacturer has an annual capacity of producing solar cells of 70 megawatts and produces about 50 MW of photovoltaic modules annually, while taking an active part in research and development.

Within the framework of the announced Strategic Partnership, SoliTek will transfer Rentechno the exclusive right to supply and sell in Ukraine Glass/Glass solar panels, Solrif roof integrated solutions and other BIPV solutions. All sales in Ukraine will be carried out through Rentechno, including logistics, customs clearance, after-sales service, etc. The company Rentechno will promote of SoliTek products in the local market, to carry out training and technical support of the partner network.

In addition, during the CISOLAR-2017, Rentechno also announced about the consolidation of its core businesses and the withdrawal from the B2C segment for solar projects with a capacity of less than 500 kW. In April 2017, our company launched a new distribution of equipment for solar power plants and will implement private and small commercial projects exclusively through a network of reliable and proven partners throughout Ukraine.

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