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New Street Solar Light RT-AL Standart

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Rentechno company report about the finishing of R&D of Street solar light RT-AL26/250 Standart-12 that is optimized to work in the climatic conditions of Ukraine:


Solar street lighting series RT-AL manufactured by Rentechno are fully self-contained lighting devices that have put together the most advanced achievements in several areas of science and technology. Using high-quality LED lamp and solar photovoltaic modules the company's engineers have created street light, independent of external power supply.

Solar Light RT-AL26/250 Standart-12 is designed for outdoor lighting of local roads, pedestrian crossings, advertising banners, parks, alleys, parking lots, building facades, etc. A significant advantage is the ability to installation on any terrain where it is difficult or impossible to get cable or air electrical supply.

This model provides a luminous flux of more than 3000 lumens with a guaranteed duration of not less than 12 hours in any season and in any geographical location of Ukraine. The peculiarity of the solar light is that its design was developed taking into consideration all the features and possible modes of operation.

You can see a sample of solar street light type RT-AL26/250 Standart-12 in our office:

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