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Rentechno — 6 years on the market solar energy

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Rentechno — 6 years on the market solar energy

It happened that this year has been was very productive in terms of revitalization of solar energy industry in Ukraine. Amount of new PV projects has increased significantly, and according to all forecasts in the next few years should not be reduced. Now Ukraine is quite interesting and fastest growing market for industrial and private segments of solar power plants, and valid feed in tariff in the country legislation in 2015 got changes that did government regulation more balanced compared to previous years.

This year, the company Rentechno noted the sixth anniversary of its existence, so we decided to analyze our achievements in the field of solar energy and to share them with you. Over the entire period of existence of the company Rentehno, we acted as engineering services provider, EPC-contractor, equipment supplier, project developer and O&M operator for commercial and private solar power plants. The total capacity of projects in which the company participated currently reaches more than 80 MW, by counting the power of solar panels.

Наземная промышленная солнечная электростанция от компании Рентехно

We have developed and approved the project documentation for 20 industrial solar power plants, the smallest of which had a capacity of 90 kW, and the biggest one was 12 MW. In the period from 2011 to mid-2016, 15 large commercial PV power plants with capacity of over 31 MW had been built and successfully put into operation basing on projects developed in Rentechno. Besides, now our design department is engaged in several industrial solar power plants with total capacity of over 10 MW. Rentechno not only designs, but and is fully leads new projects prior to receipt of the «green» tariff, including the supply equipment, construction, installation and commissioning, commissioning and trial commercial operation, maintenance of formal licensing issues and so on.

In addition to industrial PV power plants our specialists also implements projects for the construction of private solar power plants. This direction based primarily on the feed in tariff is relatively new to the company. Over the past year, we have designed, built and connected by «green» tariff for more than 20 private households. The total capacity of solar panels installed on private homes by Rentechno reached 350 kW.

Домашняя крышная солнечная электростанция от компании Рентехно

We would like to note that we do not limit ourselves to only on-grid solar power. Rentechno has a successful experience in the implementation of off-grid, reserve and hybrid power systems using solar panels. In our portfolio, there are projects with different variants of the orientation and mounting of solar modules — we use land and roof stationary metal constructions, 2-axis trackers, which can track the direction of the Sun, set up the panel at various building, including — on the car pots. Our solar lights are already shining in several streets of Ukrainian villages.

Солнечная электростанция на подвижных трекерах от компании Рентехно

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