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Results of seminar "Solar stations"

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Results of seminar "Solar stations: Learning, we believe, sharing experiences"

Rentechno company as one of leading businesses in solar energy of Ukraine considers development and popularization of solar energy technologies among company’s primary goals.  Solar energy is one of most intensively developing segments of Ukrainian energy system nowadays. It attracts not only representatives of large businesses, who implement projects on building and putting into operation industrial solar power-stations of great output power, but also can be useful to representatives of small enterprises and proprietors of private households, who are interested in optimization and cost cutout on electric power. In addition, taking into account potential capacities of Ukrainian market and quite low competition level, solar energy attracts people, interested in investing into modern business development. That’s why the first seminar, organized on 12 August 2017 by Rentechno company together with Green School non-govermental organization, attracted very large and various audience.

The feature of seminars, organized by Rentechno and Green School, is very effective combination of both theoretical and practical components. Speech of Vitaliy Voropai, representative of Advansys company (Rentechno’s partner in northern Ukraine), was dedicated to issues of use of solar power-stations in Ukrainian conditions (both at large industrial scale and for smaller private households), and also to peculiarities of green tariff calculation; presentation of KS Solar company (Rentechno’s partner in central Ukraine) was more practical. It was dedicated to problems of operational efficiency of photo-electric modules. Due to such unpopular method (at least in Ukraine) as solar trackers installation, their mounting allows to increase generation of solar electricity up to 30-35%.



After lectures and further fruitful discussion participants of the seminar had a chance to become acquainted with peculiarities of installation and functioning of a biaxial trackers mounted 10 kW electric power station, and got comprehensive answers for all the questions, interesting to the public. The choice of this very station is not casual, solar power-station is installed in urban area in Kyiv, 28/2 Syretska str. Due to biaxial trackers usage the area occupied by the solar power-station was successfully minimized; much more area would be required to mount photoelectric panels of the same power capacity on stationary metalwork. In addition, biaxial trackers allowed to minimize negative factors, which are typical for urban buildings and could have negative influence on generated energy amounts (for example, overshadowing).

Taking into account high public interest on the topic and most popular questions/requests from participants, Rentechno scheduled to organize more similar seminars.

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