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Seminar "Solar stations"

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Seminar "Solar stations: Learning, we believe, sharing experiences"

Solar energy is one of the industries in Ukraine, where development is just beginning. And it's not just about industrial stations and big business. Every owner of a private house has the opportunity to join the "greening" of the Ukrainian energy sector. We invite everyone to attend the seminar "Solar stations: Learning, we believe, sharing experiences" and take part in an excursion to a real solar station.



Date: 08/12/2017
A place:. Educational station 31В1, st. Pushkinskaya, 31V1
Phone: +38093 039 0802


  • Ivan Nastatukha is Head of Distribution in Rentechno. Theme of the presentation: "Sunny business in Ukraine".
  • Vitalii Voropai is the project manager of Greenlogic. Theme of the presentation: "The experience of installation and connection of ground and roof solar PV stations."
  • Chekanov Alex - director of KS Solar. Theme of the presentation: "Tracking systems in solar stations. Features of technology and economic benefits."

Also, the workshop will show how solar stations are calculated, and what factors affect their effectiveness. An important and interesting part of the event is an excursion to a working solar station! The cost of the excursion is included in the total cost of the seminar. The number of seats is limited!

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Equipment for solar power plants
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