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Rentechno expands own PV portfolio

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Rentechno expands own solar projects portfolio

The 3th International forum on renewable energy took place in Kyiv on October 7-18, and Yevhen Ladnych, the Rentechno company director general, was among lecture speakers of that event. Forum participants get a good chance to become familiar with company’s history, geography and main business lines during the presentation.

Nowadays Rentechno is focused on three basic directions, namely on implementation of individual engineering solution for private persons; on turn-key construction of industrial electro-generating stations, and on own projects development, considering photo-electric solar power-stations as primary goal. All Rentechno projects are based on the use of such progressive technologies, as: electric power and heat generation by solar radiation convertion (this business line develops under SolarUA brand); electro-generation with the use of wind generators or hybrid  solar-wind power plants; heating via use of heat pumps, and also energysaving illumination. Complex approach and reasonable combination of different engineering systems allows Rentechno to offer maximally balanced solutions with perfect ajustment for any project tasks.

For last two years Rentechno activity was focused on the projects on building of solar photo-electric power-stations. Experience and qualification of company personnel allow to implement projects of any complexity, providing both unbundled services and working as contractor EPC which takes full responsibility for a project. As Yevhen Ladnych said to the public, nowadays Rentechno acts as sole performer or participates in construction works for solar power-stations with total power over 10 MW. Taking into account those projects with Rentechno development, company’s solar power-stations portfolio makes about 20 MW in 2012.

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