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"Green" tariff for individuals

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«Green» tariff for individual solar power station

We announce that on 10 June 2014 the Procedure of sale, accounting and payments for electricity generated from solar energy power facilities (generating units) at private households (Ukrainian language version), approved by NERC on February 27, 2014 #170 was entered into force.

According to the requirements of article #15 of the Law of Ukraine «On Electric Power Industry» — electric power obtained from photovoltaic power plants with installed capacity up to 10 kW commissioned after April 1, 2013, purchased at a fixed energy supplier «green» tariff at a level that exceeds the own consumption of the household. At the same time the owners of households do not need to be licensed producer of electricity and meet the requirement of local content.

Green tariff for individuals

«Green» tariff for individuals — a special Feed-in tariff at which the government buys the electricity produced by solar panels. This tariff will be valid until the end of 2029. Electricity by «green» tariff may sell any existing private consumer of electricity. Current legislation prohibits energy companies refuse to connect to «green» tariff to private households. Moreover, the energy supplying companies should connect private solar power plants during 5 days.

The current procedure for sale, accounting and payments for electricity generated from solar energy power facilities (generating units) private households can be downloaded here. More detailed information on existing in Ukraine solar legislation and the possibilities of its use of individuals you will find on Rentechno’s «Green» tariff web page. For any questions of design, installation or maintenance of solar power for private households, please contact our office.

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