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10 MW to the Ukraine's alternative energy sector

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Rentechno helps to add 10 MW to Ukrainian RES capacities

Operation and maintenance phase of ground solar power-station "Ozerna" started on April 28 in Yavoriv district of the Lviv oblast. The main purpose of this solar power-station is making 100% ecologically safe "solar" electric power with the purpose of its further sale into national grid on green tariff. Designed productivity of the station is about 11 000 000 kW-h annually.


"Ozerna" construction project is quite an illustrative example. In allows to examine basic trends of Ukrainian market of solar energy :

  • Investors are ready to invest considerable amounts into Ukrainian solar energy: investments amount in this solar power-station was about 10 million dollars.
  • All territory of Ukraine is attractive for building of solar power-stations, regardless of geographical location.
  • Solar power-station construction is excellent possibility to involve land lots that are now useless for agricultural needs or other economically profitable operations.
  • Investing company is ready to further development of solar energy: building of two more stages of solar power-station is planned.

But but the headline is that there are companies in Ukraine, ready to implement most difficult and ambitious projects in Ukrainian solar energy. And one of such companies is Rentechno, that took part in few stages of building of "Ozerna" solar power-station, namely project design, equipment supply, starting-up and adjustment works.

Project design of ground solar power-station

One of features of construction process of this power-station was its location: land lot about 20 ha with very difficult topology, uneven slope of construction site in southward direction, and also composite topography from east to west, elevation difference is more than 40 meters.

It was necessary to take into account in the project, that bearing metalworks for installation of solar panels will be installed in places with various angle of slope. It was therefore necessary to pick up such angle of slope of solar batteries, that, from one side, would provide optimal conditions for sunbeams reception, and on the other hand, together with selection of corresponding  interrow distance, would prevent mutual shading among separate arrays of solar batteries.

Rentechno specialists performed necessary calculations, including 3d-modelling, and successfully designed "Ozerna" solar power-station. Taking into account that all area of the power-station was divided into separate sub-areas, actually it was 10 different power-station project designs with different master layout plans,              inverter circuit diagrams, unique cable networks etc. It is already second experience of Rentechno in planning of solar power-stations in topologically difficult areas. First object of such type was Tsekinivka-2 ground solar power station.

Implementation of this project became even more complicated because engineer-geodesical and engineer-geological researches showed heavy soils heterogeneity, and project customer conducted geological planning of the area before construction work even started. This geological planning works partially removed topsoil layer, that prevented soil from crawling down on the slope. For this reason four types of pile foundations were used for installation of supporting metal structures.

Purchase and supply of foreign equipment and component parts

The project developed by Rentechno company planned installation of polycrystralline silicic solar modules (total number of modules is 37.5 thousands) and high-tech string inverters, produced by SMA company with 60 kW of power – one of the most modern and effective devices in their own category.

Rentechno performed delivery of complete set of inverter equipment and also Germany-manufactured direct-current interconnection electric shields to the customer’s construction site.

Being a partner of SMA company in Ukraine, and also distributing of commodities from other suppliers, Rentechno will provide projects of any power capacity with the most high-quality equipment for solar power-stations and the most attractive terms of supply. We will provide you with solar batteries, inverters, cableware products and supporting metalwork structures, i.e. all necessary to build a solar power-station of any type.

Starting-up and adjustment works, debugging and launch of inverters

Despite of difficult weather terms – because of upcoming season of rains fitters had to run into many problems (access of specialized building machinery to difficult construction areas was possible only with heavy caterpillar machines), starting-up and adjustment works were completed in record-breaking terms for this type of construction.

Group of Rentechno engineers performed a package of starting-up and adjustment works related to preparation of operation and maintenance phase of inverter equipment for solar power-station and works on fine tuning of this equipment, including personnel training for future service support of the solar power-station.


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