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Rentechno visited a boarding school

Social project “Biblioteka Mrij” was created by Oleksandr Panasyuk to develop culture of reading among orphans and those kids who are denied parental care by visiting and refreshing boarding schools with new qualitative literature. 

On the 16th of June 2017, Rentechno company headed by the manager of the project Oleksandr Panasyuk and the author of children`s books Oleksandr Dermanskyuj visited “Rodunnuj Dim” boarding school in Vinnitsa district, Voronovutsa village. There are 35 kids of age from 2 to 17.

In “Rodunnuj Dim” we were greeted as native people: amiably, with joy and breathtaking views. Together we could organize a small party with a big amount of bright children`s books, sweets and reading fairy-tails by the author, who was loved by kids from the first sight.



The visit to the boarding house was really emotional. And that was obviously because those kids found themselves in difficult conditions of life since childhood. They always need our care and love

"Start by doing what's necessary;
Then do what's possible;
And suddenly you are doing the impossible." 

Francis of Assisi


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