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Of amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Electric Power Industry"

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Renteсhno and other solar companies worked out and sent the letter on amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Electric Power Industry" about promotion of electricity generation from renewable energy sources to the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex and Nuclear Safety, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, Chairman of NERC. Text of the letter is provided below.

Dear Mykola Volodymyrovych!

We address you on behalf of several companies, which have been working in energy sector of economy for many years and successfully implmented energy-effective technologies and renewable energy sources, bringing stable development to the energy system of Ukraine and power independence of the country.

At this hard and difficult time our state more than ever needs implementation of effective reforms for overcoming of financial and social crisis. We consider that the measure of extremely need is active bringing in of representatives of real business and leading experts, including recognized international experts, into processes of  principal administrative decision-making by all ministries and departments, National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities (NERC), including prepartional work on laws drafts in working groups of profile committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. We are of the opinion that it can be implemented by reorganization of work of public councils, that already exist at all ministries, comissions and departments.

We consider as necessary far-reaching reformation of functional principles of public councils, particularly:

- drafts of all principal management decision of ministries and departments must be discussed by public councils;

- sessions of public councils must take place at least once in a month, or more often if necessary;

- creation of working expert groups is needed for discussion and decisions making on key questions in corresponding industry; such groups can work in intersession period between regular meetings of public councils;

- bringing in  representatives of enterprises from corresponding industries on permanent positions in public councils;

- there is also a necessity of bringing in recognized domestic and foreign experts into wide discussion of key industrial questions; invitation of such experts to a corresponding meeting of a public council in case of discussion of questions from their expertise field;

- information about council metting (including order-paper and decision drafts) must be delivered to members of public council and invited experts not later than week before the planned meeting date; availability of one of corresponding deputy ministers at meetings of public council should be obligatory.

We consider that principal management decision of ministries and departments must be discussed and agreed with public councils with participation of representatives of real business and leading industry experts. So, on 14th March 2014 meeting of Public Council took place with participation of Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Yuriy Prodan, where vital questions of fuel and energy complex of Ukraine and measures on stabilizing of situation in the country were discussed, however the abovementioned meeting took place without representatives of enterprise societies, communities and establishments, that is extremely necessary today.

Additionally we suggest to create public councils at profile committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine based on the above-mentioned principles. Thus, representatives of real business and industry experts will be brought into the process of preparation of necessary bills to provide public participation in legislative process.

We, representatives of companies, undersigned, express our readiness to maximally possible cooperation with the government and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine by participating in public councils, working expert groups, or in any other way avialable, for discussion and  enhancement of legislation basis and principles of work in the field of renewable energy, particularly in the field of solar energy.

At development phases of our projects in solar energy our companies attracted foreign investments and credit financial resources from such institution as European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Bank (EIB), Clean Technologies Fund (CTF), Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF), so any legislation changes in this field can substantially worsen mutual relations with mentioned institutions.

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