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Kamyanetche solar photovoltaic power station was built

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A solar photovoltaic power station was built in Kamyanetche village

Solar power-station was built at the expenses of Avantgarde Agrofirma LTD. upon initiative of Vasyl’ Kramar, director of the enterprise. Decision about building of this important object was made year and a half ago. As far as the station had to be built in place of destroyed hospital, very large amount of cleaning and landscaping  works was performed before the actual construction even started. Contract works were fulfilled by Rentechno company . Total project costs equaled about 70 000 000 hryvnias. Installed solar batteries occupie about 5 hectares.

In his welcoming speech to the farming enterprise management and habitants of Kamyaneche village on the occasion of realization of the ambitious project, governor Sergiy Kuzmenko mentioned:

- Only one year ago Paris agreement was signed in order for reduction of emission of harmful substances into atmosphere and wider use of alternative energy sources, and we already have today 17 industrial solar power-stations just on the territory of Kirovograd oblast. There more than 180 of such stations all over Ukraine.

The chairman of state oblast administration expessed his gratitude to the project initiators, and noted that agrarians of Kirovohrad oblast not only grow good harvests, but also make their contribution into power independence of the state. Together with Olexandr Chornoivanenko, the chairman of regional council, the oblast governor handed over the highest reward of oblast, "Honour and glory of Kirovograd region", to Vasyl’ Kramar, Avantgarde Agrofirma LTD director. Opening ceremony was continued by congratulations of numerous guests and rewarding of those, who made considerable contributions into construction of the station, and finally the ceremonial ribbon was cut.

The chairman of state oblast administration examined territory of the station and got acquainted with some key principles of its work.

- About ten people will work at the station. This is very important, in fact we create new workplaces, fill up the economy of our oblast with new taxes. And actually building of the station by agroenterprise has already invested dozens of millions UAH in the oblast economy, - concluded Sergiy Kuzmenko after inspection of the station.


 More details about this exhibition are currently available in Ukrainian or Russian languages.

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