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The exhbition "Energyefficiency-2011"

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Rentechno participated in Energyefficiency-2011 exhibition

Today was the closing day of Energyefficiency-2011 exhibition, where a few companies working at the solar energy market of Ukraine were presented. Rentechno company presented information about realized and perspective photo-electric projects. The public was able to learn about solar energy objects, built and successfully working in Vinnytsya oblast’, and also about abuilding 9 MW power-station in the Kherson oblast’. In addition to all above Rentechno declared that the total company’s projects portfolio in 2012 already exceeded 20 MW.

Nowadays Rentechno has built and put into an operation the most total solar battery power among all Ukrainian companies. Other solar energy projects and objects were built in Ukraine by companies with full or partial foreign investments.




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