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9,8 MW solar plant has been built in Kherson region

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9,8 MW solar power-station in Kherson oblast

Solarenergo LTD. has completed construction works of industrial grid-connected photoelectric power-station in Skadovsk district of the Kherson oblast, which is the first similar object in whole region. The mounted equipment allows to convert solar energy directly into electric power and pass it to the grid. Feasability study of the project was performed by Rentechno LLC. (Kyiv). Installed capacity of the station makes 9,806 MW.

The station is built on the brink of Ustrychne (ukr. Oyster Lake) salt lake near Lazurne village among so-called "solonchaki", or alkaline lands, unapt for the agricultural use. Power-station consists of almost 40 thousands photoelectric multicrystalline modules; 14,95 thousands of piles were nailed and 168 kilometres of cables were embeded during its construction. Solar power-station building works, that started in July 2012, allowed to hire 226 high-skilled specialists.

Every year power station will generate 10,934 million kW/h of eco-clean electric power to the national bulk power grid, providing energy to over 3 thousands local households. Power-station operation will allow to decrease annual СО2 emissions  on a 8855 tonnes due to replacement of the electric power generated by coal and gas thermal power-stations.

"It is our first solar project in the region, and such solar station can function 25 years with proper maintenance. We plan to increase station power output from 9,8 МW to 27 МW. Now we are negotiating with banks, investors, equipment producers, looking for new construction sites", - Sergiy Nevil’ko, Solarenergo director general, says.

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