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Rentechno is 7 years old!

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Solar energy leader the company "Rentechno" celebrates 7 years

Rentechno company was founded in summer of 2010. Rentechno acromymic name is a reduction from Renewable ENergy TECHNOlogies. So from the very beginning of its existence our group of companies clearly defined basic directions of further activity for itself. And the middle of 2017 marked seven years since Rentechno company started successful path into building of industrial solar power-stations, continuously making contribution into ecology of our native planet.



Achievements of Rentechno company for its business lifetime:

  • 7 years of successful operations at the market of solar energy in Ukraine;
  • 65 developed projects of solar power-stations;
  • 54 solar power-stations, comissioned into operation;
  • 135 MW total power of all projects;
  • 56 MW of power in projects under construction.

It’s all became possible due to our most powerful natural source of inexhaustible environmentally clean energy, heat and light - to the Sun! Our motto is: "ENERGY of the SUN is ENERGY of LIFE". As early as 1921 Albert Einstein was the awarded by Nobel prize for complete explanation of external photoeffect law. Using Max Planck's (German physicist) hypothesis, that light is emanated by portions (quants) with energy proportional to frequency. Picture of little victress of "Source of life" competition, that was held in 2014 under Rentechno sponsorship, Albina Panchenko from Kyiv, in perfectly childish manner illustrates practical application of a solar battery. More often exactly children with their clean vision of essence can express an idea so successfully and simply. Our company tries to support social projects of children development, participating and organizing competitions for juniors.



Rentechno team is one of the first, who began development of solar energy in Ukraine. We are active participants of many conferences, seminars and exhibitions, dedicated to development of alternative energy sources. Some of our projects of solar power-stations were even mentioned in school textbooks for eighth grade as an evident example of how a theory can be implemented in practice. In 2012 "League of the Best" international economic rating admitted Rentechno company as "Enterprise of Year 2012" and included it into TOP-50 small enterprises of Ukraine. And in March 2017 Business magazine included Rentechno company into Top-100 most promising companies of Ukraine with export potential.

Summarizing the first 7 years of Rentechno’s work, we set a challenge before ourselves: to build not less than 100 MW additional power capacity of solar power-stations for next three years. Our aim is following: progressing step by step confidently, with our professional team of specialists, to achieve complete energy independence of our country Ukraine. Together we will be able to achieve this aim, bringing up society moral values in relation to renewable energy sources use, and understanding of importance of environmental preservation.


Way to success is open for anybody, who thinks first of all of services providing and quality implementation of his work.

Henry Ford


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