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1,8 MW solar plant has been finished

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Energoinvest finished 1,875 MW solar power-station

Energoinvest company (Vinnytsya oblast’) has finished construction works of Sloboda-Bushans’ka solar power station (SPS) with 1,875 MW output power in Yampil’ district, Vinnytsya oblast’. Interfax-Ukraine agency quotes company’s president Volodymyr Zhytnyk: “We finished last construction stage with comissioning, now station generates 1,875 MW output power”.

Solar power-station was projected and launched by Rentechno domestic company as the ЕРС-contactor for this project. Equipment supplies for the project and assembling works were performed by Rentechno in cooperation with Sunelectra company from Israel. By the end of next year Rentechno and Sunelectra intend to realize a few projects in the Vinnytsya oblast’ with a few MW total power. These ambitious plans on the Ukrainian solar energy market were presented on Efficient Energy-2011 exhibition (ukr."Енергоеффективність-2011") in Kyiv, November 8-11.

The national energy regulatory commission (NERC) corrected the general installed power of Energoinvest generating equipment to 14,2 MW. Energoinvest owns not only Sloboda-Bushans’ka SPS, but also 12 small hydroelectric power stations in Vinnytsya, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil oblast’.

Alternative energy generation in Ukraine reportedly developed more intensive than traditional power sources, that corresponds with global tendencies. By the beginning of July the total amount of companies, that exploit power stations on renewable sources and sell electric power on a green tariff, increased up to 66, amount of such power-stations raised up to 111, and 23 of those stations are solar-powered.

It is a reminder that Ernst&Young public accountant company in 2011 included Ukraine to the international rating of countries, which are attractive for renewable energy projects.

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