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Top-7 and Top-10 rating of invertor producers according to IHS Global


Солнечный инвертор SMA

Invertors market, as well as before, remains to be a field of high competition. Sharp fight of producers in 2014 resulted in market reduction on 4% to $6,6 billions. However world demand continues to shift in direction towards Asian markets. Among plenty of invertor producers German SMA still occupies world leadership in profit shares. But Asian producers are wide awake and aware. Japanese suppliers snap on the leader’s heels. In 2014 SMA and ABB already lost some part of the market. Losses were 3.2% and 0.8% accordingly. Already next year SMA can be displaced from Top-1 position among invertor producers, if not by profits, then quite possible by supply amounts (in MW). SMA market share now makes 50% of 2012 annual share, and 25% of 2009 annual amount.

At the same time leading Japanese invertor producers, such as Omron, TMEIC and Tabuchi, enter the world market. According to 2014 annual results they occupied 3th, 4th and 5th position among global industry leaders.

Absence of leading Chinese suppliers of solar invertors in IHS Global top-5 rating can be explained by that cost of Chinese invertors is usually lower, than average market price. According to HIS researches, despite of large transportation cost, price per one Watt in China makes $0,07, while average world cost makes $0,16 per one Watt. It is quite possible to mention about Sungrow and Huawei among leading Chinese producers.

If we suppose that China will install about 17 GW in 2015, then Sungrow and Huawei probably will surpass SMA on shipping amounts. Chinese suppliers Sungrow and Huawei try to enter new markets, but while their total revenues do not reach the level of their Japanese colleagues. In 2014 Sungrow received orders on 5,89 GW of invertors, 4,23 GW were shipped, 3,8 GW of that quantity were orders for internal market of China. For the last year Huawei gained a considerable growth in the world market of solar invertors, but by profits share the company didn’t succeed to force its way through in the first five global leaders. But if we take into account that market of Ukraine actively purchases commodities from Celestial Empire, it will be expedient to include leading Chinese invertor producers into top-5 rating. As the result we get following data:


TOP-7 global invertor producers (2014):

1. SMA (Europe)
2. ABB  (Europe)
3. Omron (Japan)
4. TMEIC (Japan)
5. Tabuchi (Japan)
6. Huawei (China)
7. Sungrow      (China)


TOP-10 global invertor producers (2015):

Топ-10 производителей солнечных инверторов

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