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Sunflower-90 solar power plant - practical experience

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Sunflower-90 off-grid solar power plant

In 2014, Rentechno designed and built Sunflower-90 solar photovoltaic plant. This three-phase ground-mounted PV power plant has been designed for standby power production for the farm in Kirovograd region. The main purpose of the construction was the need to ensure continuous operation of the equipment of two grain silos in a periodic grid unavailability. The specifics of the company is such that potential losses can be very large in the case of electricity absence during the harvest season. When designing a solar power plant for the first time we have been tried several new technologies for Ukraine, including the unique control system operating modes of solar power as well two-axle solar trackers.

Solar power plant based on solar trackers

Unfortunately, more detailed content of this article is temporary available in Russian language only. Also you can read article "History about 1,3 MW solar PV power plant construction".

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