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Solar electric power in Questions and Answers

What is a photo-electric station? How calculations of a solar power-station (SPS) are made? How to formalize "green" tariff? These and many other questions are answered by expert institution in planning and building of objects, working on renewable energy sources, namely Rentechno company.


What is a photo-electric station or a solar power-station?

In simple words a solar power-station is a system of photoelectric modules (solar batteries) and power current transformers (invertors), these two core components together transform energy of solar radiation into electric energy.


Why people install solar power-stations in Ukraine?

Taking into account permanent growth of prices on traditional energy sources and unstable system of power supply from general grid, solar power-stations are effective money investment into  energy independence. Solar power-stations work at any place, where the sun lights, regardless of ETL (electrical transmission line) presence. Additional advantage of solar power station building is "green" tariff, that allows to earn money from sales of electric power. Tenure of employment of a typical solar station de-facto makes more than 30 years.


How is it possible to earn money on solar electric power sale?

If solar panels generate more electric power, than a facility consume for its own needs, then surplus can be and should be sold on "green" tariff. Two types of "green" tariff are legally envisaged in Ukraine: "green" tariff for private households and "green" tariff for businesses.


How to get and to formalize "green" tariff for private traders?

According to laws of Ukraine the electric power, produced by roof-based solar power-stations, must be bought back by energy supplying companies from households on "green" tariff. More information is available here.


How to get and to formalize "green" tariff for business purposes?

Rentechno company like no other knows, how to get "green" tariff. All network solar power-stations that were built by Rentechno, successfully received "green" tariff authorization and during several years have been selling electric power to the state, so term of investments return is considerably decreased. Detailed description of basic stages of receipt process for "green" tariff on solar power-stations is available here.


What needs are covered by an autonomous (standalone) solar power-station?

Autonomous (standalone, off-grid) solar power-stations should be set wherein centralized lines of electricity transmissions are absent (either electric networks mounting is difficult or just economically unreasonable) or for power supply of mobile objects. More information is available here.


Why do they need a backup solar power-station?

Backup (reserve) photoelectric system of power supply is interesting to use in those places, where is connection to central electric network is available, but electricity supply works with interruptions and breakdowns. Thus backup solar power-stations are used for providing of electric power, when either there is no current in general network or power is insufficient.


Why is it advantageous to install network solar power-stations (SPSs)?

Our experience shows that exploitation of photo-electric stations has wide range of advantages. Here are some main points:

  • It is not necessary to use fossil fuel sources.
  • Profits from generated electric power are considerably more than construction cost of a solar power station.
  • Possibility of building of a solar power-station on different surfaces: terrestrial (ground-based), on a roof surface, on a building facade, that allows to save area and, as a rule, substantially minimizes capital costs.
  • Complex maintenance works or expensive repairs are not required to support photoelectric stations in operating condition.
  • It is possible to get "green" tariff on produced electrical energy.
  • Tenure of employment of equipment considerably exceeds terms of investments return, so solar power-stations are assets, bringing their proprietor permanent profits without necessity to solve problems, what are common for other types of business  (how to provide electricity sales, where to purchase fuel, how to manage personnel salaries etc.)


How to calculate terms of recoupment for solar power-stations?

Taking into account new prices on energy sources and development of photoelectric technologies, terms of recoupment for photoelectric stations became considerably less. More information is available here.


What project design is better to choose for a solar power-station?

If you do not know exactly, what station type you want to install, when take a look at ready-made solar power-stations designs and choose your best, and specialists of Rentechno company will make necessary technical calculations directly for your object.


So, if you already made estimations of all advantages of solar power-stations construction and ready to start, when you better know about all nuances on planning and building of a solar power-station with Rentechno, so you will be not only to become energy independent but also considerably decrease your expenses on SPS construction.

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