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Maps of solar electricity potential

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Maps of solar electricity potential in Europe

The question of the solar modules performance is one of the first that people ask when planning to invest in solar power. The amount of electricity that will be produced with the help of the solar module depends on many factors, including the geographical location of the solar power plant. At all other things being equal the amount of electricity produced is direct proportional to the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface at the solar power plant location.

Solar energy is one of the environmentally sustainable resources for producing electricity using photovoltaic (PV) systems. The main input data used in the planning process is solar radiation. Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS) has developed a solar radiation database from climatologic data homogenized for Europe and available in the European Solar Radiation Atlas. The model algorithm estimates beam, diffuse and reflected components of the clear-sky and real-sky global irradiance/irradiation on horizontal or inclined surfaces.

PVGIS periodically publishes posters and maps of solar electric potential. This information is very detailed. Below you will find current data visualization for photovoltaic solar potential in Ukraine and Europe. These maps are published on 21th of September 2012.

Global irradiation and solar electricity potential in Ukraine:

Global irradiation and solar electricity potential in Ukraine

This map shows the distribution of the global solar irradiation and the solar electric potential on the territory of Ukraine in the case of the orientation of solar modules to the south at the optimal angle (the most perpendicularly to the sun’s rays).


PV solar electricity potential in European countries:

PV solar electricity potential in European countries

This map shows the distribution of the total annual amount of solar irradiation and solar electric potential for Europe. The data are given for the case of solar modules orientation to the south and the optimum angle of inclination with respect to the earth’s surface.


For more precise information, please contact Rentechno. Our engineers will do simulation of solar generation for a particular geographic point and a given set of equipment (solar modules and inverters). We use special software and the most actual weather and equipment databases.

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