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History about 1,3 MW solar PV power plant construction

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Solar plant construction

Project construction of solar power plant with 1.3 MW capacity was launched in the Kirovograd region in March 2012. It took several months to address land issues and obtaining other necessary permits, and to place orders and purchase of solar panels, inverters and other equipment. Before commencement of construction future construction site looked like this:

The main advantage of the site — proximity of 10 kV line to which the planned future power connection. But at the site originally had a lot of residual concrete and stone blocks from some ancient buildings, debris, etc. For as long as all the necessary equipment and swam flew to Ukraine, the site was leveled, cleaned and prepared for the future construction. And at the end of August at a prearranged site there are people and equipment, marking the site and began harvesting sigma piles, which will then be attached solar modules:

After marking the area and driving sigma rack assembly started supporting metal. In this project were used Ukrainian metal consisting of hot galvanized metal and aluminum profiles in the upper part:

Metal structures are fast tipped at the right angle «tables», which are installed by 44 solar photovoltaic module. Tilt angle of solar modules is calculated in a special program, taking into account the geographical location of the power plant and climatic characteristics of the terrain. You can optimize the angle for maximum output in the summer or winter. In this case the problem of power — to sell generated electricity to the network in the «green» tariff. So when adjusting the angle calculation was performed for the highest total annual output.

For speed and ease of mounting the whole structure is going to screw connections and solar modules are attached to special aluminum fasteners. So, for example, the compounds appear in the lower parts of structures:

After installation of metal builders started work the land — the device trenches for underground cables:

All household solar power cable consists of DC cables which are laid directly on the metal structures and interconnected series of solar modules and connect them to the corresponding inputs of inverters. In turn out of the inverters AC cables with a voltage of 0.4 kV, which in underground trenches in corrugated pipes are routed to transformer substations 0.4/10 kV. In this project were installed three transformer substations. Inclusion in the network is organized with the help of the underground cable 10 kV, let down directly to support the air line 10 kV. Аll DC cables are laid «over the air», and AC cables almost completely buried under the ground. As a result, the finished object with a rather complex cable system it is virtually invisible to an outside observer.

That looked so construction site after the installation of all metal structures and start installation of the first solar modules:

Cable trench is in the middle of the field and red corrugated pipe, which will later be laid AC cord before backfilling. In the boxes in the lower right corner of the photo are solar modules, wait in the wings before installation on metal.

Soon the first series of solar modules were installed:

And the rear view:

Interconnected solar modules are switched DC cable (black). The photo above cables are not yet fixed, but then they will fix neatly on the longitudinal profiles of supporting metal with plastic cables. Solar modules were mounted on a particular algorithm, which minimizes power loss.

Laid on metal DC cable through which electricity from the chain modules will be sent to the corresponding input of the inverter:

Less than a month after the first driving piles solar modules have been installed around one third of the land area and the construction site began to look like this:

Electricians started installation of inverters. In this project we used 27 kW three — phase inverters manufactured by PowerOne (Italy):

Once all were mounted solar modules, the site began to look like this:

But looked so solar power October 11, 2012 the day of its grand opening of the Governor of Kirovograd Region:

Ahead were only some formal issues that will allow the owner to sell power produced its electricity at «green» tariff.


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