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Invest and trade in Ukraine

Rentechno is an engineering group of companies with business interests focused on the implementation of renewable energy sources and especially on solar PV technologies. Our expertise includes development, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of PV power plants. As an EPC-contractor Rentechno designs and constructs utility-scale solar power plants. We have many years of practical experience with different types of PV power plants starting from small residential back-up systems mounted on roofs, and up to big ground solar power plants connected to the grid. Generally, we use mounting structures with fixed angle but also we have built some projects where solar panels are installed using 2-axis trackers. We are involved in solar projects development for several years and found first investors two years ago. Plant with capacity of 10 MW has already built and put into operation. Since 2017, we are preparing a portfolio of new projects. We plan to develop projects until the 'shovel ready' stage and, of course, we can build them as a general contractor.


Renewable nergies in Ukraine

It is not a big secret that now Ukraine is going through not so easy times, but our country and its economy have big possibilities as market for local and foreign investors. Especially in such area as energy generation. We think, that renewable energy and its photovoltaic sector is a very promising industry where many companies can expand own business being suppliers of equipment or technologies or even like investors for utility-scale solar power plants.

By the end of 2016, the total installed capacity of renewable energy sources in Ukraine was 1.1 GW and additional 500 MW remains in Crimea. On the mainland of Ukraine, capacities of all renewable energies, put into operation, is divided by types as follows:

  • Solar energy - 530 MW;
  • Wind - 440 MW;
  • Capacity of small hydro power stations - 90 MW;
  • Biogas with biomass - 60 MW.

Over 2016, the largest numbers of new facilities have been built among the solar power plants - it was almost 100 MW. There are some main reasons why Ukrainian PV industry is very attractive in terms of investment:

  1. Special government program, which aims to increase share of renewable energies in the total power balance of Ukraine. This share has to achieve at least 11% until 2020 and 21% until 2035. However, at the beginning of 2017 the current capacities of renewable power is still very low - only 1.26% of total electricity consumption.
  2. Ukrainian Government guarantees that all amount of electricity produced from renewable energy sources will be paid by the "green" tariff. Electricity is purchased on Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine by State Enterprise "Energorynok".
  3. Feed-in tariffs are actual until 1st of January, 2030 and it are set in Euros to reduce the risks of investors: for ground-mounted commercial PV power plants FIT it is 15 eurocents per kW-hour and for roof-mounted solar plants it is 16 eurocents.
  4. The climatic conditions and the level of insolation in Ukraine are good for the implementation of solar energy projects. At current level of technologies and equipment efficiency an average annual performance ratio is about 1300 kWh per 1 kWp of solar panels for south regions of Ukraine.

As result, solar market in our country is growing now and it is one of the most attractive PV markets in Eastern Europe. Our current forecast for PV industry is the following:

  • In 2017, we will see a rapid growth of the new installations’ quantity and capacity.
  • In 2018 and 2019 there will continue a stable growth of new installations.
  • However, slow decreasing of new capacities is possible in the period after 2020.


Rentechno Group 

Rentechno is a privately owned group of companies and one of the leading players on solar market in Ukraine. We have an extensive experience in the development and implementation of renewable energy projects. We started our history as an EPC-contractor. Until the beginning of 2017, company has designed project documentation for tens of commercial PV power plants with a total capacity more than 100 MW. Projects with total capacity of about 50 MW are fully completed and operating, and at least 35-40 MW are going to be built and commissioned during 2017. As general contractor, we are interested in finding new reliable suppliers of equipment for solar power plants as well as partners for the implementation of new technologies like BIPV, energy storages and so on.

The next activity of Rentechno is development of PV power plants until ‘shovel ready’ stage - the moment when all necessary land and grid permits are collected and other papers or licenses required to begin construction are available. Rentechno has already finished development of 30 MW. The first 10 MW was built in 2016 and later company found partners for the next 20 MW. In 2017 Rentechno is going to expand own portfolio to 80-100 MW. As developer we are interested in finding investors or co-investors who can help us to build these projects. According to the actual weather conditions and construction costs in Ukraine a PV power plant with 20 MW capacity located in central and south regions of Ukraine will have IRR of about 23%.


Chalanges of solar market

As project developer and EPC-contractor, Rentechno is working with many foreign companies who see that Ukrainian solar industry is not just attractive one but has some important problems. Not taking into the account well-known country risks, we can underline the following issues that is necessary to know about Ukrainian solar market:

  1. First of all, there are some difficulties with correct prediction of terms and costs of land permits obtaining. It was a main reason why Rentechno started own development of PV projects. It is much easier to attract investors to a project if land leasing agreement is signed and all land issues became transparent.
  2. The second point is difficulties related to the grid connection. Grid operators has some technical limitations regarding connection. It is not easy to find land areas with reasonable cost of connection to the grid.
  3. Very often foreign investors worried about the fact that PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is signed just for already built solar power plants after construction phase. But it is necessary to remember that Ukrainian government guarantees that all amount of electricity produced from renewable energy sources will be bought.

In any case, real practical experience of Rentechno shows that all these challenges can be resolved. And it is confirmed by a lot of PV power plants which have been built and successfully operating in Ukraine for the past 7 years. Despite all country risks, we see that the interest to such projects from year to year only increases.  If you are interested in getting more details about Ukrainian solar energy market, we can provide you with additional information and answer your questions. Just contact us to begin.

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