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Grid parity was reached for solar PV industry in Ukraine

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It is no secret that in recent years, solar power in Ukraine has developed mainly due to the high «green tariff» which made financially attractive investments in industrial solar power network. However, the global trend is that in the long run-time cost of a kilowatt-hour from traditional energy sources will inevitably increase, while capital expenditures for the construction of solar power plants have been declining. And, until recently, falling prices for silicon solar modules occurred much faster increase in electricity prices.

On the background of the rapid development of the industry has remained unnoticed by the fact that in 2012 in Ukraine was achieved price parity between the cost of a kilowatt-hour of electricity generated using photovoltaic panels and received from the network. Given the fact that now the cost of solar electricity for businesses in most cases is lower than the conventional electricity from the grid, it became clear that in the coming years in Ukraine will rapidly increase the proportion of solutions that are not tied to the «green tariff» or any other kind of government subsidies. And the share of such projects will become greater, the smaller will be the payback period.

Паритет цен на солнечную электроэнергию в Украине

Will assess the cost of 1 kilowatt hour of electricity generated by solar power network. To do this, the total investment in the design, equipment, construction and operation of the plant at current rates should be divided by the total electricity generation project for 25 years, taking into account possible degradation parameters of solar cells. Since the capacity of the solar power plant affects the price of the equipment, the cost of electricity generated will depend on its size:

Себестоимость солнечной электроэнергии в Украине

The figure above three lines correspond to the cost of a kilowatt-hour of electricity generated for the cases installation of solar panels in the north, center and south of Ukraine. Calculations for the roof-top photovoltaic solar power plant, located near Kiev, have shown that the production cost of its electricity, excluding VAT will be from 83 cents (7.9 cents) for 10 to 58 kW station cents (5.5 cents) for photovoltaic power plant of 250 kW. Today in Ukraine, the cost per kilowatt-hour for industrial enterprises is about 0.93 USD. or about 0.09 Euros. This means that solar power plants from 10 kW in Ukraine already achieved de facto parity prices in comparison with the cost of conventional electricity in industry. And for larger solar power electricity becomes even more profitable traditional.

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