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Energy storage systems

The efficiency of the use of global energy resources depends not only on the ways of their use, but also on the methods of the generated energy storage. According to the projection of the analysts of GMT Research, the volume of the energy storage market grows rapidly and already in 2020 will be twenty-six times larger than it was in 2014. In 2015, the home energy storage systems comprised about 16% of total volume of the market. It is conditioned by the fact that it is desirable to install the energy storage systems in addition to wind or solar power plants, because the energy is unevenly generated by renewable sources during the day. For example, the solar energy is generated only during the daylight, but it is consumed all day long, or a cloudy day takes place and total volume of the generated energy is less than the volume of daily power consumption of your household. The energy storage systems are designed for use in such cases.

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