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8 steps to receive "green" tariff for private solar power-stations

Could you consume electric power not just free of charge, but making a profit? Sounds incredibly, but it is quite realictic scenario, if you are a proprietor of a solar power-station.

Renewable energy use becomes more and more popular in Ukraine every year, because everybody realizes the fact, that our world is on verge of power crisis. In order to prevent it most countries in the world implemented their own versions of power law act, that obligates the state to buy back electric power produced from renewable energy sources (RES), such as solar energy, at special price, named "green tariff". In Ukraine such law was signed in 2009, and I suggest to reviewed 8 steps of getting "green" tariff for your private solar power-station.

The first step is pre-project works and project design development. Solar power-station is a very complex system where all individual features of the object should be taken into account. For example, under what angle solar panels should be placed, because this defines how productively your photoelectric station will work and what area it will occupy. To avoid all possible risks it is necessary to make project design of your solar power-station with the use of special licensed software and to deal with many other works that can be performed by Rentechno specialists. We have real field experience in processing of pre-project documentation and development of project design for private solar power-stations.

The second step to "green" tariff connection is acquisition of equipment. Solar battery is the main component of any solar power-station or backup photo-electric system of power supply. Therefore choice of equipment producer is the matter of special responsibility. It is very important to take into account warranty terms, permissible error of nominal power, operational efficiency and temperature coefficient.

Rentechno company cooperates with equipment manufacturers for many years, that’s why we can share our real-life experience. More detailed information on right choice of solar panels is avialable here. After equipment choice stage it is possible to make next step of equipment installation.

The third step is photoelectric station assembling works. During this stage you need to choose a company that not simply proposes its services on installation of solar power-stations, but also has practical experience in such type of building works.

Rentechno offers all necessary services and can come forward as general contractor in any projects, related to implementation of renewable energy sources, especially building of solar power-stations in Ukraine. Why you should choose Рентехно? Because to date we successfully performed a few dozens of projects and we are not going to stop thereon. In 2016 we plan to build a few industrial PV-stations with more than 10 MW of total power capacity. Except it we continue active development of special project on building of small private solar power-stations.

The fourth step is filing your application to oblenergo. Rentechno specialists will provide professional help in documents processing for application handing in to oblenergo.

To make the fifth step you need to choose a bank for opening of your current operational account. This account is the future destination point for money you will earn for "green" electric power.

The sixth step is installation of electrical energy meter. Oblenergo makes mounting and installation of meter station at their own cost and expense. Electrical energy meter gives you ability to control amounts of electric power that you sold.

On the seventh step you sign an agreement with Oblenergo on the sale of electric power.

The last and most pleasant eighth step is connection of "green" tariff to your PV-station. After this you will receive money on your current account every month.

"Green" tariff is a motivational mechanism, that stimulates people to protect the world from power crisis. The tariff gives an opportunity to install solar power-stations, to use electric power free of charge, and even to sell some part of it.

To find out more about legislative base on "green" tariff for private solar power-stations please press here.

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