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In this section of our site you will find up to date information on the renewable energy market of Ukraine, new technologies and trends, as well as be able to read selected interviews and learn the views of experts in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (with an emphasis on issues related to solar energy).

Forecasts of future solar energy system output allows grid operators and utilities to proactively manage variable output, and thus integrating solar resources into the existing grid at lower costs to society. The output of solar power plant is highly depends on climate. Energy generation forecast simply means to predict the output of solar power plant on basis of solar irradiance. Solar irradiance is a measure of how much solar power you are getting at your location. This irradiance varies throughout the year depending on the seasons. It also varies throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun in the sky, cloud positions and the weather.


More articles about solar energy and renewable energy in blog of Rentechno:
Twenty-four hours advanced planning horizon Twenty-four hours advanced planning horizon

Fines for imbalances on making of electric power by solar power-stations come into effect in Ukraine from 2020. In that behalf problem of generation forecasting and question of fines minimization for inaccuracy of such prognostications become actual again. Forecasting becomes a decision instrument for cost-justifiable integration of resources of variable renewable energy (VRE), such as wind and solar energy, into local, regional and national grids. How in the global scale they forecast generation from solar and wind stations, that is strongly related to changes of weather, that becomes more unforeseeable lately?

Economy of Energy Independence Economy of Energy Independence

Development of electric power storage systems fully changes models of co-operation between small private solar electro-generating stations and energy market all over the world. The idea of overall energy supply from an environment up to complete self-sufficiency continues to agitate minds of futurologists for creation of the future harmonious society model. However lately these ideas are implemented right in front of our eyes due to development of solar PV generation technologies and storm-like penetration of RES in energy segment all over the world.

At the breakpoint At the breakpoint

Short analysis of world tendencies of investments in renewable energy sources (RES) 2004-2016 and 2016 to 2015 comparison on the basis of statistics, presented in 2017 by UN Environment, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, IRENA, Financial Times.

EPC-contracts in solar industry | Rentechno EPC-contracts in solar industry | Rentechno

Projects in the field of renewable (alternative) energy are often not entirely transparent and understandable for potential participants. One of the most frequently asked questions, which requires clarification and clarification, is the possibility of implementing the project, using the EPC contract model (as an option - EPSM-contract) in the construction of solar power plants. The purpose of this publication is to provide an accurate definition of what the EPC or EPCM contract model is, their varieties, advantages and disadvantages for the customer and contractor, and the specifics of using it in practice.

Best reasearch solar cell efficiencies Best reasearch solar cell efficiencies

In this article, solid-state photoelectric converters of ground and space applications are considered, their defects and ways of reducing losses are analyzed. Also you can get acquainted with the schedule, illustrating the latest achievements in the efficiency of photoelectric converters manufactured using various technologies.

Invitation to cooperation: in Rentechno they are ready to invest in promising start-ups Invitation to cooperation: in Rentechno they are ready to invest in promising start-ups

Rentechno company is actively engaged in its own researches, but we are open to cooperation with innovators, ready to invest in start-ups and provide them with the opportunity to use our scientific and production capacities. More details about cooperation in areas of interest to us - read the blog.

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