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Biomass Boilers – It is a way to gas independence

Rentechno designs, complements and commissioning modular and stationary biomass boilers. Our boiler allows you to quickly and cost-effectively to translate different objects with individual central heating, as well as eliminate the use of expensive natural gas. In addition, our boilers allow for heat newly constructed facilities.

Our boilers are designed with the latest technology and have a high level of automation. The operation of the boiler made using programmable controllers, providing control of operating modes depending on the desired schedule and weather conditions. Also, all the information on the work of the boiler is transferred to the central dispatcher.

Depending on the individual object, boilers can be used as fuel feedstocks such as wood chips, pellets, straw, peat and many other types of solid biofuels. Biomass Boilers — the most effective means for achieving energy independence as the scale of your object, and across the country.

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