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Rentechno - industrial group of companies focused on development and implementation of engineering solutions using energy-saving technologies and renewable sources energy. Our main bussiness is utility-scale solar power plants.

Our goal is a wide introduction of modern and effective principles energy usage with the maximum involvement of renewable energy sources. We want to contribute to making society more friendly towards our common home - planet Earth


Years of successful PV business in Ukraine


PV power plants have been designed


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Main business activities
Turnkey construction of utility-scale solar power plants Development and implementation of the solar PV projects Distribution of equipment for private and commercial PV power plants Startups and innovations in the field of renewable energy sources

Completed projects

Rentechno Group is engaged in the introduction of engineering solutions using energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources, focused on solar energy. We are a developer and an EPC-contractor with practical experience on Ukrainian market and big portfolio of projects with various difficulty levels - from private houses to large commercial enterprises.

Zoria PV power plant | RentechnoPower - 240 kW
Kamianeche PV power plantPower - 2,09 MW
Track-Solar PV power plantPower - 227 kW
Rasvet solar PV power plantPower - 629 кW
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EPC contractor for PV PV Consulting Land plot development for PV power plants Solar power plant engineering
Equipment for PV plants Construction and commissioning Green tariff Maintenance of PV farms
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The current pace of electromobilization in Ukraine is impressive. The number of charging stations is also growing. True, almost all of them are powered by a common electrical network. This increases the "carbon footprint" of electric vehicles - in fact they consume electricity from conventional stations on non-renewable sources. How will electromobiles affect the energy efficiency of the energy sector?


Forecasts of future solar energy system output allows grid operators and utilities to proactively manage variable output, and thus integrating solar resources into the existing grid at lower costs to society. The output of solar power plant is highly depends on climate. Energy generation forecast simply means to predict the output of solar power plant on basis of solar irradiance. Solar irradiance is a measure of how much solar power you are getting at your location. This irradiance varies throughout the year depending on the seasons. It also varies throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun in the sky, cloud positions and the weather.


The company "Rentechno Prime" announces its membership in the European Business Association - the largest business association of companies active in Ukraine. The development and openness of the solar energy market are the key objectives of the whole Rentechno Group, and the expansion of partnerships is one of the stimulating factors necessary to fulfill the tasks set by us.


On November 30, 2017, the II Ukrainian Forum on Renewable Energy will be held. At the Forum there will be a panel discussion on solar energy in Ukraine. Rentechno is represented as the General Partner for Renewable Energy.

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Rentechno is an industrial group of companies focused on development and engineering solutions introduction using energy-saving technologies and renewable energy sources. Our aim is the wide introduction of modern and effective approaches to energy using maximum capacity of renewable energy sources. We want to contribute to making society friendlier to our common home - the Earth.

Our company has practical experience in the following issues: project management, design and installation of power generation, transition and distribution systems (low, middle and high voltage up to 35 kV), commissioning works, operations and services, quality management, government relations management, industrial consulting in renewable energy sector.

Rentechno has joined a team of qualified professionals with years of practical experience in the field of alternative energy and energy efficiency. Key employees have been educated in prestigious universities and have extensive experience in senior positions in major national and international companies. Our qualifications and professional experience allow us to perform projects of any complexity. We practice individual approach to each of its customers, aiming at the most effective problem solving and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

Renewable energy is one of the most promising and fastest growing industries today. The potential of renewable energy sources far exceeds the world’s energy needs. We believe an energy efficient society will be able to fully base its energy consumption on renewable energy sources. Rentechno’s mission is to introduce new environmentally friendly power generation technologies and energy-efficient technologies of energy consumption.

Our main business is the construction and servicing of industrial solar power plants. We conduct projects from a "zero point" to obtaining a green tariff, and also ensure the subsequent operation and maintenance of solar power plants. Rentechno is the general contractor (EPC_contractor), taking on all the issues related to the implementation of projects of any complexity. Our staff, consisting of highly skilled professionals is functioning like a single well-performed machine and thereby our company can independently carry out all the work on designing, supplying equipment and building solar power plants. Rentechno is an engineering company able to provide a full range of services for the design, construction and operation of renewable energy objects. There are some industrial renewable energy facilities fully implemented by Rentechno.

The next direction of activity of Rentechno is the development of solar energy projects. We have accumulated a lot of experience in land permitting for the construction of industrial facilities and obtaining permits to connect electric power facilities to the grid, which allows us to successfully implement solar power plant construction projects of any complexity and any capacity. In our portfolio there are several large ground-based solar power plants, whose development was carried out by specialists of Rentechno. At present, we are continuing the development of several new projects to the stage of their full readiness for construction.

Having a vast practical experience in the solar energy market of Ukraine, Rentechno does not disregard the segment of private solar power plants, as well as commercial solar power plants of low power. To meet market demand, Rentechno acts as a distributor of equipment and components for solar power plants, namely, supplies solar panels, solar inverters, and BIPV solutions to Ukraine. Our product range consists of solar modules produced the world's leading manufacturers, listed in Tier-1 report made by Bloomberg. These solar panels are the most in-demand for industrial solar power plants thanks to improved power yield, due to excellent reliability and high-level operational safety, they generate electricity at a low cost and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Another key component of solar power is inverter equipment. Rentechno uses the leading European brands of inverters (manufacturer of solar inverters from Germany -  SMA company). The products supplied to the Ukrainian market by Rentechno company are in demand both by installers of solar power plants and positively perceptible by the end customers. Taking into account the long - lasting performance of a solar power plant, investors choose reliable equipment from well-known suppliers having necessary certificates for similar activity. And the practical experience of our company helps them to make the right choice.

The renewable energy market, including the production of electricity through solar power plants, is a highly technological and rapidly developing industry. Changes happen sufficiently fast, technologies are replaced, equipment is improved, new manufacturers appear. In order to remain up-to-date with this trend, Rentechno pays much attention to new technologies and supports energy startups. This line of our activity is included in the framework of the Rentechno Labs initiative. We pay special attention to new projects in the field of solar energy and energy use of biomass.