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In this section of our site you will find up to date information on the renewable energy market of Ukraine, new technologies and trends, as well as be able to read selected interviews and learn the views of experts in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (with an emphasis on issues related to solar energy).

One of the most promising renewable energy technologies is photovoltaics. Photovoltaics (PV) is a truly elegant means of producing electricity on site, directly from the sun, without concern for energy supply or environmental harm. These solid-state devices simply make electricity out of sunlight, silently with no maintenance, no pollution, and no depletion of materials.

Cooperative Solar Farms

People interested in harvesting the sun’s energy, can now participate in a unique program – the Sol Partners Cooperative Solar Farm. The PV Farm is located in Brighton, and members can lease solar panels for a 25 year period and receive credit for all the power generated by their panel. One of the major advantages of the program is that United Power will maintain the solar farm – the customer only pays for the cost of the panel. It is anticipated that one 210 watt panel will produce about a 3% return on its investment or approximately $32 per year in electricity credits.

Factors of attractiveness of Ukrainian solar energy for foreign and domestic investors

What attracts foreign investors in Ukraine, ready to invest in solar energy? How critical for the development of solar energy can be a significant reduction and even a complete cancellation of the green tariff? This and some other issues are discussed in a new article of our blog.

Some ideas about renewable future of the power industry to discussion

Rentechno as one of industry leaders is starting to discuss problems of the power industry future. It is very important to think now about perspectives and possible challenges. Solar, wind, biomass and biogas have big prospects in our country and can 100% replace traditional energy sources. When it will happen? Nobody knows. But we can speed up win of clean energy sources.

Investing in renewable energy projects in Ukraine

The year since the signing of the Paris Agreement has marked a breakthrough for renewables. Even though investment in clean energy projects around the world slipped 18 percent to US$288 billion by the end of 2016, according to the latest figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the total capital outlay still eclipsed that spent on fossil fuel exploration and production for the second year running. The energy transition is well underway.

Pumped storage in a different way

Researchers are testing a new storage system installed on the seabed. A first prototype is now in operating - and results are promising.

Invest and trade in Ukraine

Rentechno analyses some perspectives and plans for cooperation within alternative energy sectors of Ukraine for foreign companies and mentions main challenges that they face while cooperating with Ukrainian colleagues during PV projects development and implementation.


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